First Fake Post

Posted 12:00 am

This is not a real post. It’s completely fake. I actually wrote this in November in 2007. So maybe it’s a real post, but it’s traveled back in time to let you know that at one point, this blog was transplanted from one site to another site. During that process, I lost a lot of my original content. Only the fifteen most recent posts successfully moved over. Everything is gone forever. It’s all my fault really. Upon importing the content, I didn’t realize I only had some of it, promptly liked what little I saw and then deleted the old site. Oh well. On the up side, I’m assuming not much is missing. I probably got the fifteen most recent of maybe 30-40 total posts. With my luck, those posts were probably the best things I’d every written. However, with absolutely no one able to prove my otherwise, I’m going to say they all stank and the world was done a favor by their annihilation.

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