Mr. Ouch

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So apparently there were these warnings on electrical systems that featured this “shock monster” that jumped out and killed this nice, innocent looking guy who so harmlessly stuck his fingers in the wiring. Apparently, the name of this monster was “Mr. Ouch.” What a name!

So anyway, today I’m Mr. Ouch. Not because I’m an evil shock monster out to electrify people who park within 3 feet of the electrical box outside Denny’s, but because I helped some friends of mine move yesterday. Ouch!!! The loading the truck wasn’t much of a problem. It was just time consuming. The unloading, however, killed my hands. Their new apartment was on the second floor, and the steps and the furniture dolly didn’t seem to agree with each other. Or at the very least, the two of them combined didn’t agree with me having feeling in my hands other than AAaaaaarrrrrhhaaaaaaahaaaaaahrhaaaa!!!

Well, we did manage to get everything upstairs, though on the second to the last piece of couch my hands cramped up. My fingers ended up clenching involuntarily into fists I couldn’t unclench for awhile. Very uncomfortable. I didn’t like it at all.

I’m looking forward to my own move in a few months though. At the moment the happiest part of my upcoming move is that I’m moving from a 1st floor apartment to another 1st floor.

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