Sickness Sucks

Posted 6:21 am

Life is bad.

Well, at least I have a job. I got a flu shot a few weeks ago, yet for the past few days I’ve been nasty ill. All I can really say is that it wasn’t the flu. Lucky me. At least today I feel better. I did wake up late and apparently I slept on my arm wrong because it was numb. But otherwise I feel fine.

I still don’t have a spot of my own at work though. Since all the teams got shuffled around (and a bit before actually), the spot I usually sit in, and all the spots around it, have been taken over by another team. So I have no place to sit. I have to find someplace whose occupant called in sick, or otherwise didn’t arrive on time enough to claim it for themselves. I’m told that there are several people moving from my team to another, so I’ll have a choice of spots tomorrow, so I suppose I only have to suffer for a short time.

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