It Was Only A Dream

Posted 6:58 am

Some dreams are just weird.

This morning I had a dream I was in class. I don’t know which class, just a class. So for whatever reason I draw something on the board. It’s not great, but it took a long time and I liked it, and so did other people. Just some funky trees with faces on them. The drawing filled the board. But, it was on the board. I couldn’t exactly take it with me or preserve it. So I decided to take a picture of it. Only every time I tried to take a picture, people kept walking in front of me or messing with the lights. It was pissing me off. Eventually the class ended and everybody left, but then I couldn’t find the board my drawing was on. It was like that wall of the classroom folded up and vanished to be replaced with some other classroom wall.

Like I said, weird. I’m wondering what a dream analyst would make of it. Where’s Joseph when you need him?

Anyway, I’m gonna go compulsively take pictures of the walls now…


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