My Life Is Good This Week

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Attention ladies and gentlemen!

My life is good. I don’t say this very often. Usually I’m griping and bitching and complaining and often using a number of colorful words to describe my life. Today however, I’m using the word “good.”

Ever since I got my first cell phone way back when they were huge and bulky and couldn’t fit in your pocket, ever since I found out you could have music as a ring tone, I have wanted one particular song for my phone. Unfortunately, it is a song that no one will make available for download or purchase as a ring tone. Ever. Anywhere. It’s kind of an obscure song really. In high school I discovered a new age group named Cusco. On their album Mystic Island was a song called Lonely Rose. Since I first heard this song, it’s been somewhat of a theme song for me. A symbol of myself. I won’t go into the reasons for this, but at the very least I wanted my phone to play this song when people called me.

Well, Friday I finally got myself a cell phone I could upload mp3s to. Yeah, I could upload by song and it plays. But for some reason, I can’t select the song as my ring tone. Turns out my phone, though it can play mp3s and can use mp3 ring tones, can’t actually have an mp3 as a ring tone. The mp3 has to be converted into some other file type first.

Fortunately, Nokia has this spiffy FREE software that will do this, and have it work specifically with my phone. Since I already had a microSD card for storing music on the phone, it was easy enough to convert this song to a ring tone, load it on the card and put it in the phone. YEAH!!! And now I finally have my song as a ring tone. I am happy. Life is good.

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