Your Most Memorable Dream Will Come True

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Every Wednesday at work, Pickup Stix caters our lunch. Being Chinese food served in America, our meals are accompanied by a fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies. They’re fun and a source of brief entertainment after a meal. Yesterday was no exception. My fortune read “your most memorable dream will come true.”

Now at first this worried me. My most memorable dream immediately came to mind and I shuddered. This dream was an old one. In fact, it was my very first nightmare. I can never forget it. In the dream I was on board a starship being chased by the Fantastic Four who had gone mad with something akin to the violence virus in 28 Days. I had barely escaped certain death by jumping out an airlock and taking refuge in a jungle gym I found outside (hey, it was a dream), but Spiderman leaped off one of the outside walls and ate me.

And then I woke up. Yeah, it’s a weird dream. My excuse is that I was five years old when I had it. Still, it is my most memorable dream. I can’t imagine the horror of it actually coming true. Maybe it’s just an omen of sorts. Perhaps my copy of Fantastic Four will go nuts and fry my DVD player just before I get bit by a spider. Who knows?

I just want the spaceship.

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