I Have Class

Posted 3:43 pm

Well, while it might still be a matter of opinion, I do have class. Hopefully this time, my class won’t be cancelled. Tonight, I begin learning how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver. I’m thinking of showing up for class and directing my teacher to tlot3.net, dimensionartwork.com, foxbattalion.com, etc. and asking if I get and A and going home. For some reason I imagine she’ll want me to “work” for my grade. I’ll probably then mention that I worked really hard on those sites and then it’ll all spiral down into me being a pompous know-it-all jerk and her being a stick-up-her ass overbearing bitch and even though I’ve got this program licked I’ll scrap by with a C.

Either that or I’ll just show up and whatever. You’ll find out after class.

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