One Week

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A lot has happened in the past week. My new car is going great. Even with a 26 mile one way commute to work I’ve only used up half a tank of gas this week. And that’s with the AC running.

My mother’s birthday was a bit more subdued than my son’s, but she enjoyed the t-shirt craft book Jacob got her and the new Buddha statue from DeAnna and I. As it turns out my mother and our friend Michelle has the same birthday, only 22 years apart. The funny thing is that Mom turned 55, Jacob turned 11 and Michelle, right in the middle, turned 33.

Michelle’s birthday was great. We didn’t get to celebrate until last night though. We ate at Fogo e Brasa. If you haven’t been there take a large group of people and go! It’s like a buffet that comes to you, and the food is very high quality. They even bring out roasted pineapple, which is to die for! We had dinner last night at 6, got done about 8:30, and today I’m not hungry yet. That’s how much food there is, and how good the food is.

Anyway, today marks the start of my weekend, so I’m off to enjoy it.

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