Dream a Little Dream

Posted 2:05 pm

So yesterday a dream came true. Literally! Really, I was dreaming I went to work, or for some reason DeAnna worked there too! And while on lunch the snack machine wouldn’t take my $20 because it turned out it was one of those fake chameleon bills that pretend to be money then change back to fake money when you try to use them. I was furious! Walgreen’s gave me that bill damn it! Oh I was screaming and yelling, and throwing stuff around the lunch room… well until the security guards came in to toss me out. But they couldn’t because I woke up then. But that’s not the part of the dream that came true…

Just before all that, I had dreamed that before work I checked my account balance online and for some reason I had like a grand and a half in there. Well, actually $14XX or something like that. So after I wake up and realize there is no such thing as chameleon bills and DeAnna doesn’t work where I work, I check by bank balance and there’s like $1400 in there! Holy shit!!! My dream came true!

So okay, the tax refund finally came in. Yeah IRS! And just in time too! I’ve been behind on bills since taking my new position at work and haven’t had a chance to catch up. This’ll do it!

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