In My Dreams

Posted 5:26 pm

So I’ve been having some really weird endless dreams lately. A few days ago I kept dreaming about playing City of Heroes. I was desperately trying to get enough experience to earn my next level, so was specifically targeting the bosses in the game. I was jumping from zone to zone, fighting for my life in the most dangerous and difficult battles possible, yet I wasn’t earning enough experience to level. And this kept going on and on and on throughout my dream.

Now, some may say this is just an indication I’ve been playing City of Heroes too much. I just think it’s in indication I’ve been playing City of Heroes lately and there is some other endlessly frustratingly hopelessness I’m experiencing which my subconscious is displaying using images from a favored hobby.

Which leads me to my next dream. This morning I dreamed I had woken up for work, but all the lights in the house didn’t work. The electricity was working, because the TV, stereo and so on worked. But none of the lighting did. Absolutely no bulb would light up. And in my dream I kept needing light for something, whether it be to see the soap in the shower, write something or to make sure I didn’t trip over the cat in the hall. And no light worked.

Again, a feeling of frustrating hopelessness. I can’t say why it was light bulbs though. It’s weird. I wonder in what part of my life I feel hopeless. This is probably going to bug me until I figure it out, and until then the dreams are likely to continue.

Maybe I should take notes…

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