At Least I Have My Health.

Posted 9:36 pm

Or do I?

Apparently I’ve been the victim of food poisoning recently. I’m not sure from where. Everything I’ve eaten recently was also shared with others, and no one else I know of has also gotten ill. Regardless, I went home from work yesterday shortly after arriving, and stayed home again today. After sleeping until nearly 3pm, I woke up feeling much better and so I took a shower, planning on getting dressed and heading out for some food. However, the bad luck faerie stuck again and my back went out while bending down to wash my feet. Yippee…

At least I’m not completely immobilized. I can still walk around and sit down and get up without much difficulty, but it hurts and a cane helps. I can’t put on my own shoes either, let alone tie them (but I just discovered I can at least get them off okay). Also I have the weekend off work so I don’t have to continue calling in sick and I at least know I can drive after making it to dinner after all.

In other news, I’ve decided to try something to improve my life. Basically I’m just going to dress like I’m more important that I really am. This means wearing pants that aren’t made of denim and wearing shirts with collars and buttons. This is how supervisors and team leads at work dress, and they are more or less important people. I’m drawing the line at wearing a tie though. When someone starts paying me a salary instead of an hourly wage, I’ll consider wearing a tie, and then only to work. I’m gonna keep the jeans and t-shirt wardrobe and wear it on the weekends and such, or maybe something to change into when I’m just lounging around at home after work. I’m hoping this will help to improve my self image and as a result, improve the image others have of me. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But at least I’ll know I look good.

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