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Posted 10:41 pm

Okay, so about that dressing up bit… Not going well. Last week ended with me feeling a lot better then throwing my back out. This week ends with my back still hurting and the little handicapped thingy I have for the car falling apart. They really don’t make those with Phoenix weather in mind… Anyway, I still feel like crap.

Also, finances aren’t so good. Those are at least improving. Turns out that DeAnna will not soon be gainfully employed. At least not where I work. I’m not sure what happened but she didn’t make the cut. We’re still not sure if she can reapply, but we’re not waiting. She’s headed back into the field of education. This makes sense since she has a degree in that. Granted, she can’t teach classroom stuff, but there are lots of positions at a school and she can get a feel for the system and see if it’s really what she wants to finish college prepared to do.

Now yesterday I got a call of the electric company and they wanted to shut off the power. Something about me not paying the bill. This puts a bit of a damper on my mood, let alone my shopping plans. You see, I get my big paycheck next week. This week, I apparently get just enough to pay the past due on the electric bill. So no shopping yet… I really hope the stuff I want to buy people for Christmas is still there. If not, everybody is getting a bag of 250 tea-light candles from Wal-mart.

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