Happy New Year!

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It’s 2008 and I now have a whole new year to promise myself I’ll do a bunch of stuff I can later blame other people for preventing me from actually getting done. Among these are completing the Champions section of TLOT3, completing my Ebonwind setting for Star Hero and publish content for the Rifts Hero section of TLOT3. I’m pretty sure I’ll actually get at least one of those things done.

Among other various frivolous goals of mine for the year include getting a hero to level 50 in City of Heroes. I don’t play the game obsessively, so this might take awhile. So far I’ve been playing for almost a year already and I’ve just gotten a character to level 30.

The easy goals I have will be accomplished rather quickly this year. One of which is to buy a second computer. Well, technically it will be a 3rd computer, but I’m not counting the POS we’ve got parked in the living room. That’s good for general web browsing (when it manages to connect) and for low end games that aren’t sound or graphics intensive. I’ll also be picking up Sony Vegas for DeAnna so she’ll be able to continue her excellent work on various machinima projects she has planned. While these purchases are kinda large, this is our year to receive a large tax refund, DeAnna will be gainfully employed soon and I’ve just worked two holidays at double time and a half pay.

So, here’s wishing everyone else a happy new year and I hope you all have better luck with your own resolutions than I’m likely to have with mine.

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