Tying the Knot

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Yep, I’m married now! DeAnna and I had a small but wonderful ceremony on November 7th, 2008. Other than the fact we are finally a married couple in the eyes of the state, one amazing thing happened. As a wedding gift, DeAnna’s parents gave us an anniversary candle. What’s amazing about it is that it was their candle they got 39 years ago but only used once. This is such an awesome gift from them I can’t really describe it.

Our ceremony was written by DeAnna and included something called the “rose ceremony”, which I had never head of before. Basically after exchanging vows and rings, we exchange two red roses to symbolize the exchange of our love and promise to use the symbol of the rose as a “I lack the words for this” message between one another. Given my personal symbol has always been a red rose and my favorite song is Lonely Rose (by Cusco), I thought this was very fitting part of our ceremony.

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