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So I play City of Heroes. I have a character there named Dust Raven. He’s the guy pictured at the top of my blog. In the picture, he has wings. In the game he does not. He doesn’t even fly.

I’d always thought he’d have wings. Hell, in the game he can’t even fly! He teleports everywhere. Currently this has started to bug me. Not necessarily because he can’t fly, but because in the game, teleport kinda sucks. Granted it’s the only power that allows you to skip past any obstacle and even move through walls, but it completely relies on the target destination being within line of sight. Also, you have no gauge on the range of the power. If you teleport towards the horizon you always go your max range. You can’t teleport 20 feet up for example. Instead you have to teleport some 300+ feet then fall. Makes it hard to get around corners unless there’s an opposing wall nearby, but this alone can be coped with.

However, there are other issues which bother me. Occasionally the teleport power wigs out and shoots me off at a 90 degree angle from where I actually wanted to go. This actually turns my facing, meaning I have to take time to reorient myself to start teleporting in the correct direction. This time is also spent falling. I hate falling. Then there are the times it won’t let me teleport somewhere because it doesn’t like the target location. Maybe it’s too close to a door or the object really isn’t there and I can’t even click. This usually happens in transit and I’m falling out of the sky again wondering why the ‘port didn’t go off.

Then there’s the issues of being sidekicked or exemplared. It’s not easy staying close to a mentor when we can instantly be “too far away” instantly and without warning. I’ve actually been killed because I teleported toward a target just outside of my mentor’s range (and also been killed because my mentor teleported just a little too far away).

I think I might be trading the ability to teleport for a set of wings and some flight. Flight is nice. It’s the slowest movement power in the game, but it’s gotta be the coolest.

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