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I found the following website: http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm

It’s a “litmus test” for determining if your character (in a story you’ve written or are playing in an RPG) is a Mary Sue. I’m not personally into writing such characters into my own stories or similar but I do have one character in particular which might actually qualify for the title: Dust Raven (no surprise I’d imagine). So WTF? I took the test to see just how Mary Sue Dust Raven is, at least from the point of how I play him in the City of Heroes MMO. Turns out I should kill him instantly to avoid all the hassle of being accused of playing a Mary Sue…

Okay, so maybe that test is a bit off, or maybe it just doesn’t take into account that I’m playing an MMO (or maybe it does… after all, how often does Dust Raven get to show off his lovely singing voice in game, even though I know he has one?). I could also assume that by coincidence he simply shares many Mary Sue like traits but I’m a good enough role-player/author it doesn’t matter/show. I really have no idea. In some aspects I can definitely see a Mary Sueishness like aura surrounding a character who’s name I’ve adopted as my online persona and have made the effort to recreate in more than one RPG so I’ll accept the arbitrary ruling with a grain of salt.

It’s a fun test for any fan fiction author or role-player though… I just wouldn’t take it personally or seriously.

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