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My car was repossessed on Saturday.

Turns out I was further behind than I thought. Also turns out that when you try to work things out with my finance company, they don’t do what they say they are going to do.

I’ve been out of work for most of the past year. The charity of friends and family and the few short lived jobs I’ve managed to get have help us squeak by, especially since DeAnna lost her job at the school last year. Good fortune befell us when DeAnna got a new, full time job that will easily cover the bills. Well, to make sure the car would not vanish, I made a deal with the finance company to defer a few months of payments until she started receiving paychecks. They told me this would be done, and I would make a payment the beginning of February. All seemed good.

Then my car vanished.

Upon calling the finance company, they never did do the deferment, which put me three months behind on payments even though I’ve been giving them money. Now I need to come up with the full three months back due, plus a huge “repossession fee” which it turns out does not include any “storage fees” for hiding my car from me.

Fortunately, family is the most wonderful thing in the world to have. Although we now have a lot more debt to pay back, we’re getting the car back today.

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  1. Dust Raven

    UPDATE: We have the car back. It was virtually a living nightmare getting it though. Gotta make a payment though Western Union, then call the finance company back, who say thank you but it’ll still take 2-4 hours to process. 2-4 hours later, they say it’s been processed and I can now call the repo company. I call the repo company who say they’d be happy to release the vehicle once I pay storage fees… and they want it paid via credit card while I still have cash from paying through Western Union. So I go to the bank to deposit money only to find my card is missing! Well, after making the deposit and reporting my card missing, they give me a new card, I call back the repo people who give me the phone number of yet another company to get directions to the place that has the car. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

    So i call the people-who-have-the-car people, find out they are across town, close in 15 minutes, and it’s rush hour. Fortunately the lady I spoke to was extremely nice, was the most helpful person I dealt with during the entire process and was very understanding. She waited for us to get there, make sure we had the chance to look over the car to make sure everything was okay and was overall a wounderful person.

    So we have the car back.

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