Two Lanes

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Isn’t it nice how when you need to make a left turn into a parking lot, but traffic is backed up so far it blocks entry except for that one car that stays put to allow you in? I love those people. It’s rare acts of kindness and courtesy like this the world is missing out on. Unless, of course, this courteously minded driver is dreadfully oblivious to the fact there is another lane of on coming traffic filled with drivers with nothing but “fuck him” on their mind as they pass. The courteous driver is then left wondering why I’m looking at them like they’ve suddenly turned into a purple giraffe who thought the road would make a nice place to take a nap. They usually figure it out when someone further back, with a fully justified “fuck him” attitude, honks their horn once or twice.

So remember folks, even if for some reason you do own the whole damn road, unless you also have access to a rather sturdy mind control laser to catch the guys in the other lanes, don’t be a purple giraffe. Just say “fuck him” and get to where you’re going. The sooner you are off the road the better it is for everyone.

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