CASFS Is Using My Logo

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A few years ago the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society held a contest for armature graphic designers to produce a new logo for their organization. Mine (pictured below) was the winning entry. I didn’t get much for it, just an announcement in the next issue of Connotations and a couple of tickets into the next convention of my choice. But that’s cool, as I just wanted something I designed in print, on websites and such with credit to me for doing it.  Unfortunately at the time CASFS was kinda taking blow after blow from within and from without and was slowly falling apart, while those who really cared tried like hell to keep it all together. In the chaos no one managed to locate the paperwork I needed to sign at the same time they managed to locate me. Eventually I just sent in a number of emails (and posted elsewhere publicly) giving CASFS permission to use the logo I had created (I’d received my payment after all).

Well, after all these years, they are finally using it on their website:

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