Posted 10:12 pm

It looks like the job thing is turning out okay, because I start on Monday! Yippee!!!

It’s a customer service position, involving the U.S. Census, so I’ll probably talking to people who haven’t filled out the info yet and maybe don’t wanna. I really have no idea, but I’m gonna have to take a lifetime oath or something (according to the commercials) not to talk about it. But whatever… there was this one person, who call in… and said stuff to me… and… then I had to say stuff back or something…


So I’m looking forward to this. I still will have weekends off, and I’ll be working a similar shift to DeAnna, so we’ll still get to see each other about as much as we do now. I still have to work out some details about transportation, but it’s right up the street to if the bus won’t work I can always walk.


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