Totally Lost

Posted 7:41 pm

So Lost is over. I watched the finale on Hulu today. While I wish there would have been more, I was satisfied with the ending. I really would have liked to discover more about the island and its history, but I guess the show was really more about the people who ended up there rather than the island itself. I can deal with that.

Of course, that means I’m free to make it all up on my own and use it as part of my D&D setting. My main dilemma is determining why that statue only had four toes on a foot. My previous theory was that the builders watched too much Family Guy, but I don’t think that will translate well into an RPG.

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2 Responses to “Totally Lost”

  1. Mom

    Well, I’m just convinced that the whole Nicki & Paulo thing was a waste of my time. And I wanted to know about the 4 toes. At least they didn’t kill off Vincent. Namaste!

  2. Dust Raven

    I know. Seems like a lot was there just to fill time. At least it was entertaining. The four toes thing will bother me for all eternity of course, but I’d also like to know where Widmore’s group came from/how they were brought to the island, and how that differed from the Dharma Initiative. It seemed pretty clear those groups weren’t meant to get along, so did Jacob bring both?

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