I Love My Computer – I Hate My Computer

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I love my computer. It does marvelous things for me. It connects me with my friends (and even coworkers when I have a job). It provides an outlet for my creativity in art and web design. It plays games with me and allows me to play games with others. It takes me to Wikipedia and Google and a hoard of web comics I read. It even gives me a near endless stream of porn for when I’m lonely. I love my computer.


A few weeks ago DeAnna’s computer broke. Looks like the hard drive failed, so the OS can’t boot up and all of the data stored there is possibly lost forever. That’s okay though, for the most part. Nothing critical. Some of DeAnna’s earlier writing was stored there, but we still have backups on disc (those 3.5 “floppy” kind). Also DeAnna as near to completing her Sims 2 Legacy Challenge, and all the saved game data is lost so she’ll have to start over if she wants to really finish it by the book.

So we picked her up a new computer. We were planning on replacing a few things we lost during the move, but having more than 1 good computer in the home was a priority. And since all that broke on the old computer was the hard drive, why not salvage the rest of it? My first plan was to take the hard drive out of my mother’s “not good” computer and put it in DeAnna’s. Nice idea, but it turns out the working hard drive won’t fit, as the connectors are not compatible. Oh well, no additional loss, maybe I could just put the 2GB of memory into Mon’s computer… Or not, as Mom’s computer is so “not good” that is incompatible as well. Sigh.

But wait! I still have a good computer with the good kind of memory and two open slots to hold exactly 2GB of DDR2 memory! I could just upgrade my computer instead! Or not. Turns out my computer is already so full of good stuff I can’t even reach the memory slots without dissembling the entire thing. I consider myself to be very mechanically inclined and very technically capable. But I don’t trust myself to take apart something that has wires with connectors not connected to anything and then put it back together correctly when I’m done. Maybe I can find a professional to do it. And hopefully he’ll be able to do it for cheaper than it’d cost just to by more memory.

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