My Brand New Old Computer

Posted 6:09 pm

I just found out I can easily fix my existing desktop computer by resetting it back to its factory settings. Well, not exactly to factory settings. What I’ll be doing is completely wiping the drives and reinstalling the OS plus critical updates. It’ll be like having a brand new computer, only without all that add-on software manufacturers have pre-installed for you.

And when I say I’ll be doing this, I mean I’ll be driving my computer up to Fry’s Electronics so they can do it. I’m pretty good with computers, and I consider myself tech savvy, but I don’t happen to have the install discs for Windows XP. HP computers just don’t come with them, which sucks. The good news is that Fry’s will do this fairly cheap (~$100). At least compared to buying a new computer.

The trick is that it can take them 8-10 days to complete. Which is to say they’ll do it in about 8-10 days, right after they get done fixing all the other problems people have recently brought to them. I hate being without my computer for that long, but hell I’m pretty much without it now… so I might as well not put it off. I’ll at least have my laptop to keep me company… and since it’s been upgraded I might even be able to run all my games on it.


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