Posted 8:45 am

It seems I’ve once again slipped into a 12/24 hour sleep schedule. I’m not sure what I’m doing that causes this. I do make attempts to keep to a “normal” schedule.

I read somewhere, I can’t remember where, that the most optimal sleep/wake schedule is 2/4 hours. The greatest part of this schedule is that if a person is required to remain awake for more than 4 hours, say for 8 or 12 or even 24 hours, all it requires is a simple 2 hour “nap” and it’s back to the 2/4 without any issues. The downside of course is there is no feasible lifestyle for a person who is awake for only 4 hours at a time.

I’m going to keep at the 12/24 for as long as it lasts, and maybe I’ll just natural slip into a more regular 8/16.


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