Tea Party Values

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The longer the Tea Party exists and continues to make a showing in the political arena, the more confused I have been by their activities. I think the recent gaff made by Christine O’Donnell, Deleware’s Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, in a debate with her rival, Chris Coons, finally allowed me a small epiphany.

Here’s the gaff: http://n.pr/bwkuuw

While nothing specific in realizing a person who doesn’t even know her 1st Amendment rights is running for office, the event triggered a train of thoughts that revealed something startling: The Tea Party doesn’t really exist.

There is an official movement in politics which started in 2008 which goes by the name “Tea Party” but they aren’t in any sense an actual political party. Of all of the Tea Party supported candidates running for office, all of them are running as Republicans. The movement itself, despite having a website and being capable of supporting people running for office, doesn’t even have a leader or any sort of organizational structure. It seems to me this so-called Tea Party is just a vaguely understood idea with no definable meaning, objective or purpose.

This doesn’t seem to stop its “members” from pretending. Even though the large number of Tea Party candidates are, in my opinion, only pretending to be politicians, the offices they are running for are all to real, as are the voters who may jump on board and pretend to elect them only to find they really did.

Some small part of me quietly hopes a significant number of Tea Partiers get elected. They might just be crazy enough the rest of the government will feel compelled to do their job.

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