Quality of Life

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Awhile back I posted about how my quality of life seemed better while I was actively blogging. I really nave no idea what it is, but since I have resumed my practice of bitching, venting and otherwise discussing my life with the open world, but the quality of my life has indeed improved. What amazes me is this is definitely not some skewed point of view or personal delusion, as I have tangible rewards as evidence. For one, I not only had been given a chance to move back to day shift at work if I improve my sales, I have managed to not only live up to the task, but have exceeded it. In fact, I have exceeded it to the extent I have been granted my shift change a few weeks early. I start next week.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. As a result of this one thing, I am also getting paid more (I do get commission on those sales), and I will now get to see my son EVERY DAY! Well, almost every day. He does stay at his mother’s every other week, but he comes to my place every school day. Christine usually doesn’t pick him up until after I would get home though, so I should still be seeing him. This has been my ultimate goal of course and it makes me thrilled I have achieved it. My mood is platinum.

Now I get to watch the snowball effect of goodness happen. I’ll be on first shift again, where sales are easier, and with my new-found skill/technique/whatever my sales should either increase, or at least maintain, which means a steady increased income. Due to the time I can spend with Jacob, I can become a more active father role in his life rather than the reclusive rule-monger I’ve been forced by circumstance to be, and he will do better in school and be happier as well. I’ll also get to spend more time with the rest of my family as I’ll be home when they’re awake. These in turn will have their own effects on other aspects on my life, and eventually it’ll all will avalanche into a huge pile of goodness… and I’ll die.

In the meantime though, I should pick up a lottery ticket. If this is all temporary luck, might as well use it while it lasts.

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New Theme!

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Well, at least the blog hasn’t moved…

The theme is almost done, but it’s done enough to go live. All I really have to do is update a few images.

With any luck I’ll start making time to post here more often. I have absolutely no idea if anyone is reading any of this, but I have noticed my quality of life seems to improve the more I talk about it. Or at least, it seems to improve and that makes it more bearable. The original purpose of this blog was to be a place for me to bitch, complain, crack wise and otherwise vent. I think it’s time I resumed that practice.

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So Far So Good

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Well, I’ve begun official work on a new theme for my blog. Instead of anything I’ve done previously, which have always incorporated the raven-over-the-moon logo and had a color scheme based on the one I used for The Land of Ten Thousand Thoughts, I’ve gone a completely different route. This time around I’m using my namesake character from City of Heroes, and images from the Shadow Shard, a zone in the same game.

And so far so good. I’ve only messed with the most obvious images in the theme, and they only need a little tweaking to get just right. After that I’ll be working on the rest of the style.

Wish me luck!

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I have recently discovered WordPress. Well, I discovered WordPress a long time ago but a long time ago Serendipity was just better. Now… well… WordPress looks better. It’s going to be much easier to modify to fit in with a full website or to just use it to update information on a full website. That, and there is an enormous amount of support and helpful information about it. So, in addition to using WordPress to manage some of my other websites, I’ll be migrating dustraven.net to a WordPress blog.

Wish me luck.

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Welcome to Dust Raven

Posted November 20th, 2007 (10:17 pm) || 1 Comment

Well, I’ve done it again. The blog is moving.

I don’t know why I do this. It’s like I have some sick, demented internet version of wanderlust. My blog just can’t stay in the same place. No wonder no one reads it. It vanishes into the night, only to reappear on some other website… Well, I can’t help it. I’m obsessive compulsive and I must do it.

And at least this time I’m doing it right. I have this domain name, dustraven.net, which is just totally me. It’s my name… how much more me can I get? So I want to put up a me site but I’m never sure what to put there. I waffle around for a year as I build up a site to tear it down to put up something else. Then I have this blog, a wonderful place where I just type in what I’m doing in life, my thoughts, my feeling and whatever, but I can’t keep it in the same place. The domain keeps changing, or maybe it’s just part of some other site sometimes. Well, now I can just solve both problems with one (tentatively) final swoop.

I have successfully imported all of the entries of my previous blog at bustofpallas.net to here, so the only thing that has changed is the domain name. Well, so has the name of the blog obviously. And I put up a new slogan/subtitle/whatever the fuck that is… So I guess it’s not all the same. I suppose while I’m at it I should toss up some new graphics. I definitely need to redo the background image to a smoother fade, and I can probably use a new header as well. So anyway, enjoy the new/old blog. Hopefully I will too.

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