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Things can be strange. Last night, DeAnna and I were feeling hungry and since our kitchen is full of food for Thanksgiving we went out to eat. Nothing fancy, just Taco Bell. However, while there this rather filthy man approached us with a speech of how he was down on his luck and needed some help. Well, under most other circumstances, I’d be willing to help. Under this circumstance… no.

It’s that I’ve already helped this person. Over a year ago, at the same Taco Bell, this guy approached me with the same speech. I got him some food, recommended a shelter to clean up and perhaps make a friend or two. Apparently he didn’t listen.

This generates a special kind of pity within me. Not for this man, who so obviously is living the life he wants to, but for everyone he interacts with. I’ve been where he is, or at least stood at the door to that kind of life. I made the choice not to walk through it. I was broke. I was homeless. I was friendless. I had no property, no possessions and no family to take me in. But I had a choice. I could give in and give up, or I could fight back, refuse to give up and either find a friend, or make a new one. I chose to fight back. I found that friend, who found me a place to stay, which allowed me to get a job, which allowed me to get my own place. Within a year, not only was I back on my feet, I was completely supporting myself.

So why not this guy at Taco Bell? Why couldn’t he do that? Maybe he doesn’t have any friends. That’s no excuse. The only person who has no friends is a person who wants none. It’s his choice. He chooses to live like he does. That’s a choice I won’t support. No hand outs, no charity, no sympathy, nothing from me. I save those things for people who actually need them, will use and appreciate them.

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