Star Patrol

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Instead of finishing up the theme for, I’ve been working with, the website for one of the Super Groups I founded in City of Heroes. So far so good over there, but it’s mainly just the main website I’m working with. A WordPress theme is going to have to wait a while for Star Patrol.

I have not forgotten my personal blog, however! I should be able to find more time this weekend to finish things up and get the rest of the images created. I think I’m happy with the layout so I’ll be leaving that alone.

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So Far So Good

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Well, I’ve begun official work on a new theme for my blog. Instead of anything I’ve done previously, which have always incorporated the raven-over-the-moon logo and had a color scheme based on the one I used for The Land of Ten Thousand Thoughts, I’ve gone a completely different route. This time around I’m using my namesake character from City of Heroes, and images from the Shadow Shard, a zone in the same game.

And so far so good. I’ve only messed with the most obvious images in the theme, and they only need a little tweaking to get just right. After that I’ll be working on the rest of the style.

Wish me luck!

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About Those Lofty Goals…

Posted March 27th, 2008 (2:20 pm) || Comments Off

Well, my predictions for this year were… well, completely off.

Among my previously listed goals, I’ve achieved getting a level 50 character on City of Heroes, and DeAnna has Vegas. The others have just crapped out. The one that bothers me the most is the computer. Turns out I made too much money this year to qualify for the EIC I’d normally get for being a poor single parent. On top of that, DeAnna didn’t get gainfully employed as quickly as I had thought, so the computer is gonna have to wait for awhile.

As for the content of my website, I’ve been overrun by other projects (once again) which have taken up my time. With the new year starting, I’ve gotten the urge once again to run a game instead of just playing. I’ve gone through several ideas and it seems what’s been decided upon is a D&D campaign using the 3.5 edition rules. I’ll be using my own campaign setting I’ve been developing for the past four years or so, which I call Riadus. Lately this has kind of taken over my free time and I haven’t gotten any work done on my other projects.

Another “interruption” (but in a good way) has been that I am now contributing to the APAzine, Haymaker!. Haymaker! is a quarterly publication for the Hero System featuring supplimental rules, characters, settings, scenarios and adventure ideas for the Champions genre. I’m really hyped about being a part of this. Unfortunately I missed the first deadline, but I’m already working on my submission for the next issue.

Wish me luck!

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Happy New Year!

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It’s 2008 and I now have a whole new year to promise myself I’ll do a bunch of stuff I can later blame other people for preventing me from actually getting done. Among these are completing the Champions section of TLOT3, completing my Ebonwind setting for Star Hero and publish content for the Rifts Hero section of TLOT3. I’m pretty sure I’ll actually get at least one of those things done.

Among other various frivolous goals of mine for the year include getting a hero to level 50 in City of Heroes. I don’t play the game obsessively, so this might take awhile. So far I’ve been playing for almost a year already and I’ve just gotten a character to level 30.

The easy goals I have will be accomplished rather quickly this year. One of which is to buy a second computer. Well, technically it will be a 3rd computer, but I’m not counting the POS we’ve got parked in the living room. That’s good for general web browsing (when it manages to connect) and for low end games that aren’t sound or graphics intensive. I’ll also be picking up Sony Vegas for DeAnna so she’ll be able to continue her excellent work on various machinima projects she has planned. While these purchases are kinda large, this is our year to receive a large tax refund, DeAnna will be gainfully employed soon and I’ve just worked two holidays at double time and a half pay.

So, here’s wishing everyone else a happy new year and I hope you all have better luck with your own resolutions than I’m likely to have with mine.

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I Blew A Fuse

Posted July 29th, 2007 (11:56 am) || Comments Off

Well, seems there is some bad wiring or something going on with my apartment. Either than or a recent storm had a greater effect than we thought. Our power recently went out for a short time after a lightning strike a few days ago. Then last night, we had a brown out, only not everything turned back on afterward.

Well, I was in the bedroom playing City of Heros. Chris was in the living room doing the same, while my mother was playing some wacky jewels of Egypt-ish game. The A/C was going and I had just turned on the oven and microwave to make some dinner. Then everything shut off for a second. Everything did not turn back on, and some of the stuff that did didn’t exactly seem to have full power. The A/C stayed off, as did my computer, and the bathroom and kitchen lights were dim rather than on or off. Weird.

Well, apparently there was a bad fuse that just went out last night. Lucky us it was that easy to fix I guess. A/C is back on, and I can plan on using the computer to see if my COH character actually died when she was left to die as everything turned off.

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