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So, feeling the need for regular gaming, and having the sudden inspiration for a kinda weird character concept, DeAnna and I sought out a D&D campaign. We found one in our new friend Jason, who we located through a note left on the bulletin board at Imperial Outpost Games. Well, meeting a new gamer who may potentially be running a game for you is definitely an experience and always kinda… well… touchy. This is even more so when it’s all done cold as opposed to being introduced through a mutual friend. Well, after a few emails, a phone call and a night of coffee at Denny’s, we figured this guy was OK.

Well, we rolled up our characters and had our first real game yesterday. My character’s name is Lishnak. He’s a disgruntled half-orc barbarian. He’s disgruntled because he’s this big, hulking, brute who swings a greataxe like it’s nothing and this kinda bores him. He wants a real challenge. He was born stronger and tougher than most full blooded orcs after all, and this fighting thing comes too easy to him. So, he decided to pursue the most difficult thing he can think of: wizardry. And wizardry had proved in fact the most difficult task he’s ever undertaken. For one, he’s a 3rd level barbarian and has just recently met a wizard who hasn’t shown any interest in teaching him, and still won’t until he learns how to read.

DeAnna is giving her non-musical gnome bard concept, which didn’t see its full potential in my own short lived campaign, another shot. Khestra is so far kinda everything a bard should be: good natured, resourceful, and able to help out everybody and incapable of outclassing anybody except when it comes to knowing things. She did manage to bring an entire epic-like combat to a screeching halt with a single word, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Basically our story starts in the little village of Not Worth Remembering The Name Of. Lishnak calls it Town With Party because there was a festival starting upon his arrival. Well, shortly after the culmination of the festival’s events, which include a spectacular light show by a traveling wizard, the village is attacked by a raiding party of slave traders from the north. Lishnak hates it when this happens.

Lishnak goes about investigating the intruders before they reach the village, and promptly gets himself captured after killing one and injuring a few others. He wakes up in the cargo hold of a north bound slave ship along with his gnome friend, wizard friend, and a couple new friends who want to get the hell of this ship as much as Lishnak does.

Let’s introduce everybody. We have Lishnak. That’s me. Lishnak’s friends are Gnome, Wizard, Skinny Human and Elf. I’m sure each of these people have names which they go by, but Lishnak hasn’t come to know then with such familiarity yet. Nor does he much care if they have names. He just knows the gnome has promised to teach him to read and the wizard has promised to teach him magic if he can learn to read.

So back to the story. Most of us manage to wiggle out of our bonds, those people who are definitely not Lishnak cast some spells on our guard so he get’s sleepy, then those people who are Lishnak smack the guard with extreme prejudice. Now Lishnak has a greatsword and a lot more optimism about escaping. Skinny Human sneaks out of the hold and looks around, and finds one of the main cargo holds. We do a little exploring, kill a few sailors who inconveniently notice us (although Skinny Human seemed to prefer killing the many sailors who were sleeping), and eventually recover our weapons and other equipment just in time for the actual military types on board to notice we weren’t tied up anymore.

This begins the epic-like combat, which involves Lishnak getting so angry he forgets to fall down when he’s been stabbed too many times. Then Gnome shouts the equivalent of “parlay” and calls for the captain. It’s about this time Lishnak remembers he’s supposed to have fallen down, but fortunately Wizard also knows some good healing magic. Lucky me.

Well, much to Lishnak’s disapproval, the group makes a deal that the slave ship will peacefully keep us all in our cell and then let us out when we reach the slave port in the north. For some reason, the others don’t seem to agree with Lishnak’s uneasiness with this arrangement. On the upside, they’ve agreed to let us keep our weapons, and Wizard has agreed to teach some magic on our trip. How we’re getting home I have no idea.

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Holy Crap It’s Monday!

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Well, Hexacon is over. It was definitely fun, but I couldn’t say it was a blast. Saturday night was great though. The RPGA had a massive interactive event going on, with 9 tables or so all playing in the same adventure. Each group was doing their own thing, but we were able to communicate sometimes, trade information and equipment and such. It was fun. The best part was the vat of ale. The first trap my group encountered was a 20 foot deep vat of ale, complete with ale elementals, or ale-ementals as we started calling them. Since my character was cleric of the party god and found enlightenment through inebriation, he jumped right in! Later he managed to explode a zombie or something like a zombie, and that was awesome as well. Then I got nearly killed, but that doesn’t matter. I had lots of fun before that happened.

Sunday was more or less a bust for me. Nothing to do but checkout, drive our luggage home and come back and wait for DeAnna. DeAnna played in the Diagon Ally Live game, and apparently a great time. That’s good, so Sunday wasn’t completely wasted.

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At Hexacon

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Well, we’re here. We made it. Wish other people did.

The con has been fun thus far, but it’s very lacking. It’s all due to understandable and unavoidable circumstances. Several local stores didn’t make it to display their wares in the dealer’s room for various reasons, at least one due to a family emergency. Several other key members are ill or worse. On top of that, this morning many people running events were extremely late due to the weather flooding the freeway.

It hasn’t been boring though. DeAnna and I have made some new friends and reconnected with some old ones. We’ve been mostly playing RPGA events with new characters. We’re about to jump into a game here in a few minutes that should earn us enough XP to go up a level. We’ve gotten to play a demo game of the new Mage: The Awakening for White Wolf’s new World of Darkness setting. There’s even a chance we’ll win a raffle which will get us a box set of their core book plus Vampire, Mage and Werewolf. Hey, we could get lucky…

Well, it’s off to play a new game, wish us luck. If nothing else, there’s the used game auction tomorrow which always has something worth picking up…

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