In My Dreams

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So I’ve been having some really weird endless dreams lately. A few days ago I kept dreaming about playing City of Heroes. I was desperately trying to get enough experience to earn my next level, so was specifically targeting the bosses in the game. I was jumping from zone to zone, fighting for my life in the most dangerous and difficult battles possible, yet I wasn’t earning enough experience to level. And this kept going on and on and on throughout my dream.

Now, some may say this is just an indication I’ve been playing City of Heroes too much. I just think it’s in indication I’ve been playing City of Heroes lately and there is some other endlessly frustratingly hopelessness I’m experiencing which my subconscious is displaying using images from a favored hobby.

Which leads me to my next dream. This morning I dreamed I had woken up for work, but all the lights in the house didn’t work. The electricity was working, because the TV, stereo and so on worked. But none of the lighting did. Absolutely no bulb would light up. And in my dream I kept needing light for something, whether it be to see the soap in the shower, write something or to make sure I didn’t trip over the cat in the hall. And no light worked.

Again, a feeling of frustrating hopelessness. I can’t say why it was light bulbs though. It’s weird. I wonder in what part of my life I feel hopeless. This is probably going to bug me until I figure it out, and until then the dreams are likely to continue.

Maybe I should take notes…

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Dream a Little Dream

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So yesterday a dream came true. Literally! Really, I was dreaming I went to work, or for some reason DeAnna worked there too! And while on lunch the snack machine wouldn’t take my $20 because it turned out it was one of those fake chameleon bills that pretend to be money then change back to fake money when you try to use them. I was furious! Walgreen’s gave me that bill damn it! Oh I was screaming and yelling, and throwing stuff around the lunch room… well until the security guards came in to toss me out. But they couldn’t because I woke up then. But that’s not the part of the dream that came true…

Just before all that, I had dreamed that before work I checked my account balance online and for some reason I had like a grand and a half in there. Well, actually $14XX or something like that. So after I wake up and realize there is no such thing as chameleon bills and DeAnna doesn’t work where I work, I check by bank balance and there’s like $1400 in there! Holy shit!!! My dream came true!

So okay, the tax refund finally came in. Yeah IRS! And just in time too! I’ve been behind on bills since taking my new position at work and haven’t had a chance to catch up. This’ll do it!

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It Was Only A Dream

Posted December 19th, 2006 (6:58 am) || Comments Off

Some dreams are just weird.

This morning I had a dream I was in class. I don’t know which class, just a class. So for whatever reason I draw something on the board. It’s not great, but it took a long time and I liked it, and so did other people. Just some funky trees with faces on them. The drawing filled the board. But, it was on the board. I couldn’t exactly take it with me or preserve it. So I decided to take a picture of it. Only every time I tried to take a picture, people kept walking in front of me or messing with the lights. It was pissing me off. Eventually the class ended and everybody left, but then I couldn’t find the board my drawing was on. It was like that wall of the classroom folded up and vanished to be replaced with some other classroom wall.

Like I said, weird. I’m wondering what a dream analyst would make of it. Where’s Joseph when you need him?

Anyway, I’m gonna go compulsively take pictures of the walls now…


Your Most Memorable Dream Will Come True

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Every Wednesday at work, Pickup Stix caters our lunch. Being Chinese food served in America, our meals are accompanied by a fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies. They’re fun and a source of brief entertainment after a meal. Yesterday was no exception. My fortune read “your most memorable dream will come true.”

Now at first this worried me. My most memorable dream immediately came to mind and I shuddered. This dream was an old one. In fact, it was my very first nightmare. I can never forget it. In the dream I was on board a starship being chased by the Fantastic Four who had gone mad with something akin to the violence virus in 28 Days. I had barely escaped certain death by jumping out an airlock and taking refuge in a jungle gym I found outside (hey, it was a dream), but Spiderman leaped off one of the outside walls and ate me.

And then I woke up. Yeah, it’s a weird dream. My excuse is that I was five years old when I had it. Still, it is my most memorable dream. I can’t imagine the horror of it actually coming true. Maybe it’s just an omen of sorts. Perhaps my copy of Fantastic Four will go nuts and fry my DVD player just before I get bit by a spider. Who knows?

I just want the spaceship.

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