Mother Was Hit By a Car

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First off, she’s OK… more or less.

The situation: DeAnna had left for work hours ago, and I had just left to walk to the bank. Jacob had left for his karate class. Somewhere in here Mother went up to the store to pick up a few things. Mother uses a motorized wheelchair to get around outside the home (and a bit inside the home too). While on her way home, she was hit broadside by a car exiting a parking lot and shoved into the street. Fortunately there were no oncoming cars at the time, and the collision was slow enough it didn’t cause any true damage to the chair. Mother was able to get back off the street quickly enough, though the experience was likely the most frightening thing to happen to her in a very long time.

I was a mile down the street at a different store when Mother called me and told me what happened. To say I freaked out was an understatement. I had completed my deposit at the bank and was picking up differ for DeAnna and I from the sushi chef there and ended up running out with him trying to ask if I still wanted our sushi.

A mile is a long way to run, and so I called Christine, my ex, who was with Jacob at karate, in hopes she’d be able to come get me. She was just up the street and it would only take a minute to get to me. Unfortunately she didn’t answer her phone. Turns out she’s taking a karate class of her own and couldn’t hear her phone. Luckily there was a bus coming by and even more luckily I had exact change. I suppose even more luckily than that was getting the driver to stop in front of where Mother was hit. I suppose my yelling “stop here! Stop here, my mom was in that accident!” had something to do with it.

I hit the ground running getting off the bus and found Mother in the parking lot, Abby (her service dog) hanging from one arm while paramedics were looking at her other arm. At this time, I had no idea what had happened other than she was hit. To say I was thrilled to see she wasn’t a splattered mess over someone’s hood would be an understatement, though I was still panicking and asking her and everyone around if she was OK.

It looks like the collision was slow enough it did no damage to the chair other than to knock the arm rest out of place, which was quickly fixed, though Mother’s arm was hit and is extremely sore. It’s difficult to say if the pain she’s in is because of the accident, or just due to the anxiety of being in the accident. My sister and I are trying to convince her to see her doctor tomorrow just to get a professional opinion as to whether or not she’s really OK. As it is, she declined a trip to the hospital and was able to make it home in her chair while I walked behind with Abby.

As for the guy who hit her, he seemed to be just as freaked out as Mother was. Rightfully so I imagine. I’d be half a step out of reality upon realization I’d used a car to shove an elderly woman in a wheelchair into traffic. No citation was issued by the police, though I’m not entirely certain why. There seemed to be enough witnesses who agreed the guy wasn’t looking where he was going as he pulled out of the parking lot. I suppose part of it is that Mother wasn’t “really” injured and there was no “real” damage to the chair (or the car, but who cares about the car at this point?). TheĀ  guy, Bruce if I recall, gave us his contact info should we need anything and was very vocal in his willingness to take responsibility for what happened.

The police suggested Mother get some reflectors and perhaps a flag to place on her chair to make it more visible. I suggested Mother call Bruce to see if he’ll supply them for her.

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Two Lanes

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Isn’t it nice how when you need to make a left turn into a parking lot, but traffic is backed up so far it blocks entry except for that one car that stays put to allow you in? I love those people. It’s rare acts of kindness and courtesy like this the world is missing out on. Unless, of course, this courteously minded driver is dreadfully oblivious to the fact there is another lane of on coming traffic filled with drivers with nothing but “fuck him” on their mind as they pass. The courteous driver is then left wondering why I’m looking at them like they’ve suddenly turned into a purple giraffe who thought the road would make a nice place to take a nap. They usually figure it out when someone further back, with a fully justified “fuck him” attitude, honks their horn once or twice.

So remember folks, even if for some reason you do own the whole damn road, unless you also have access to a rather sturdy mind control laser to catch the guys in the other lanes, don’t be a purple giraffe. Just say “fuck him” and get to where you’re going. The sooner you are off the road the better it is for everyone.

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