There’s a Dog In My House

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This weekend I took Mom to the pound to look at dogs. Because she is physically disabled we’ve been looking into getting her a service animal to assist in basic things like picking up dropped objects and pushing open doors and potentially calling for help should something tragic happen. Unfortunately these types of animals are massively expensive to even get on a list for, and then there is usually additional training fees after a good match is found. However, Mom is confident she can train a dog to be a service animal herself. To be honest I’m not nearly as confident in this but she’s my mother and I love her. So we went to the pound to look at dogs.

None of the dogs she had already looked up on the Internet earlier that week were present. None. Each and every one of them had been adopted already or were off-site for just that day for an adoption program that runs on the weekends. There was however some dogs present and we looked at all of them. Some even looked back at us. One in particular seemed to meet our requirements. Mom named her Abby.

Our requirements were simple, more or less. Our dog must be between 1 and 2 years old (already old enough to begin training immediately but not so old the training wouldn’t take quickly), be large enough to perform the duties Mom required of her yet small enough for Mom to pick up and carry when needed, and be female (I’m not 100% sure why female, but that’s what Mom wanted). Things I would add to this would be a marked and observable level of responsiveness, and a medium level of default activity (not hyper and not a slug). Abby was all of these things. She is a beagle/lab mix, which is to say she’s a lab the size of a beagle. Not being a dog lover myself, I still must admit Abby seemed like a good match and might make a good addition to our home.

Needless to say Abby was adopted that same day. Today Mom picked her up (Abby needed to be spayed and given vaccinations and other you-can’t-take-this-dog-home-yet type things). So far it looks like both Kit and Jared (our cats) are both accepting her well enough. Kit even went outside to greet Abby and the two appeared to simply say “hello” to one another then go about their individual business. Jared on the other hand had a brief stare-down which resulted in him hissing and Abby backing down, which I assume was to Jared’s satisfaction as he went about his own business afterward.

Time will tell if Abby’s training will take quickly, slowly or not at all, but Mom is positively thrilled to have her and that is enough to make me happy.


Long Time

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It’s been awhile since my last post. I once said that I have found that I have most enjoyed life during the times when I blogged about it. As you can likely imagine, I have not been enjoying life lately. I lost my job in March and spent the remainder of that month and most of April looking for new work while trying to keep all the bills paid. Thanks to some extremely helpful and understanding friends all the bills have been paid, and I have also found a new job. I started training two weeks ago and so far all is good and it looks like this place will be a good fit for me. I could probably do better, but better seems to require either experience or a degree I don’t have. As my new employer provides over 5K/year tuition reimbursement I think it will do for now.

As I have been without a steady paycheck I have not been keeping my resolution to see movies. I saw eight films before losing my job, and only managed to blog about one (though I might go back and fix that). I did see Star Trek yesterday though, and I must say it was extremely good. They got all the good parts right, including the requisite phrases of “Kirk to Enterprise”, “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”, and “I’m giving it all she’s got captain!” They even killed a red shirt. The only quibble I have with the film was their application of time travel (um… that’s not really a spoiler, it’s obvious from the beginning). The method is naturally pure rubber science, but they look at the long term effects from a point where the time stream can’t be fixed. That’s okay of course, but in every other instance of time travel in the other movies and episodes, the time-line had to be maintained for the continuity of the franchise. Star Trek (the movie) is unique in that it told the story from the point of view of those who’s future was being altered by actions taking place in their present, rather than from the point of view of those whose present was being altered by their meddling in the past. All in all it as an excellent show and well worth the watch for both the long time and new Star Trek fans alike.

As it is right now, it’s time for me to wrap this up. It’s Mother’s Day and even thought we really celebrated it yesterday (by seeing Star Trek), I should be giving Mom a hug, handing her the lovely give I got for her, and telling her that she is loved.

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Tying the Knot

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Yep, I’m married now! DeAnna and I had a small but wonderful ceremony on November 7th, 2008. Other than the fact we are finally a married couple in the eyes of the state, one amazing thing happened. As a wedding gift, DeAnna’s parents gave us an anniversary candle. What’s amazing about it is that it was their candle they got 39 years ago but only used once. This is such an awesome gift from them I can’t really describe it.

Our ceremony was written by DeAnna and included something called the “rose ceremony”, which I had never head of before. Basically after exchanging vows and rings, we exchange two red roses to symbolize the exchange of our love and promise to use the symbol of the rose as a “I lack the words for this” message between one another. Given my personal symbol has always been a red rose and my favorite song is Lonely Rose (by Cusco), I thought this was very fitting part of our ceremony.

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Quality of Life

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Awhile back I posted about how my quality of life seemed better while I was actively blogging. I really nave no idea what it is, but since I have resumed my practice of bitching, venting and otherwise discussing my life with the open world, but the quality of my life has indeed improved. What amazes me is this is definitely not some skewed point of view or personal delusion, as I have tangible rewards as evidence. For one, I not only had been given a chance to move back to day shift at work if I improve my sales, I have managed to not only live up to the task, but have exceeded it. In fact, I have exceeded it to the extent I have been granted my shift change a few weeks early. I start next week.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. As a result of this one thing, I am also getting paid more (I do get commission on those sales), and I will now get to see my son EVERY DAY! Well, almost every day. He does stay at his mother’s every other week, but he comes to my place every school day. Christine usually doesn’t pick him up until after I would get home though, so I should still be seeing him. This has been my ultimate goal of course and it makes me thrilled I have achieved it. My mood is platinum.

Now I get to watch the snowball effect of goodness happen. I’ll be on first shift again, where sales are easier, and with my new-found skill/technique/whatever my sales should either increase, or at least maintain, which means a steady increased income. Due to the time I can spend with Jacob, I can become a more active father role in his life rather than the reclusive rule-monger I’ve been forced by circumstance to be, and he will do better in school and be happier as well. I’ll also get to spend more time with the rest of my family as I’ll be home when they’re awake. These in turn will have their own effects on other aspects on my life, and eventually it’ll all will avalanche into a huge pile of goodness… and I’ll die.

In the meantime though, I should pick up a lottery ticket. If this is all temporary luck, might as well use it while it lasts.

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A Skewed Perspective

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Okay, so about that dressing up bit… Not going well. Last week ended with me feeling a lot better then throwing my back out. This week ends with my back still hurting and the little handicapped thingy I have for the car falling apart. They really don’t make those with Phoenix weather in mind… Anyway, I still feel like crap.

Also, finances aren’t so good. Those are at least improving. Turns out that DeAnna will not soon be gainfully employed. At least not where I work. I’m not sure what happened but she didn’t make the cut. We’re still not sure if she can reapply, but we’re not waiting. She’s headed back into the field of education. This makes sense since she has a degree in that. Granted, she can’t teach classroom stuff, but there are lots of positions at a school and she can get a feel for the system and see if it’s really what she wants to finish college prepared to do.

Now yesterday I got a call of the electric company and they wanted to shut off the power. Something about me not paying the bill. This puts a bit of a damper on my mood, let alone my shopping plans. You see, I get my big paycheck next week. This week, I apparently get just enough to pay the past due on the electric bill. So no shopping yet… I really hope the stuff I want to buy people for Christmas is still there. If not, everybody is getting a bag of 250 tea-light candles from Wal-mart.

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