Made With Real Girl Scouts

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Right now I’m enjoying my 3rd favorite Girl Scout cookie. Samoas®. Samoas® are doughnut-shaped cookies with a hole in the center, covered in caramel and toasted coconut, and then striped with chocolate. They come in a purple box.

My 2nd favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint. My favorite (1st favorite?) Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint from the freezer. :)


Free Range Chickens

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So D and I got to talking about vegetarians. Before I start my rant, I would like to say I believe there is nothing wrong with a vegetarian diet, at least in and of the diet itself. My issue with most vegetarians is the reason they are vegetarians. Basically, if you are a vegetarian for any reason which would imply it is wrong for anyone not to be a vegetarian, you would be the one in the wrong. The choice to eat meat or not is not a moral one. Humans have sharp teeth designed to eat meat. It’s up to you to decide if this design is the result of evolution or by intelligent design, but there is no escaping the fact humans are not only capable of digesting and drawing nutrition from meat, but are biologically designed to.

There is nothing moral involved in this design and the choice to eat meat is not a moral decision. Perhaps the choice to eat other people would be a moral decision, but not meat in general. There are of course particular animals which seem ideally suited to be eaten by other animals. Cows, chickens, pigs, deer, whale, fish, etc. all seem to be very compatible with our digestive system. Cows and chickens particularly. I suppose it’s no coincidence cows and chickens are also the most docile animals of the human diet, but it can be argued they are only such a large part of our diet because they are so docile. Regardless, we eat them because their meat tastes good to us. Again, your choice to believe if this is due to evolution or intelligent design, but ultimately I feel it is obvious humans are supposed to eat cows and chickens (and several other animals).

Of course there are some who believe animals have feelings. I would be among those who do. Of course animals have feelings; they are living things with emotion not so different from our own. Should the fact an animal is capable of feeling fear and pain stop us from eating it? No. A bear still eats salmon even though salmon can feel pain. A lioness still eats the antelope even though it runs from her in terror. Like many other things, it’s up to you to believe it’s evolution or intelligent design, but emotions are simply part of the survival instinct inherent in all living things. If it was not, there would be no animals left to eat because none would get away.

Which brings us to free range chickens… The idea here is that instead of keeping chickens… well, cooped up, they are raised in a “natural” environment where they can wander free in a really large yard and experience what is believed to be a happy life. For a chicken. Right before we slaughter them. Vegetarianism I can understand, even the kinds based on a “moral” decision that eating meat is wrong. But what kind of person believes it’s moral to force the feelings of fear and terror into the animals we eat before we kill them, or think it’s morally superior to cooping up them up? Wouldn’t it be better (morally superior) to deny the animals that fear by providing an existence of devoid of need? When cooped up, the animals are feed, cleaned and their waste removed. They don’t even need to move to get everything they would want. Sure, some people think moving around is good, but then why don’t plants do it? They don’t need to, and now the chickens we eat don’t need to.

So what’s the big deal?

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Turns out that 5% discount at Culver’s wasn’t as permanent as I had originally though. Today they couldn’t find out how to take 5% off my purchase, so instead gave me 10% off… and then changed the discount stated on my card to 10% off. Um… OK. I feel no need to tell them the past few times I’ve been there they had successfully given me a 5% discount and if they can’t find a special way of doing that  they could just mark it down as a senior discount, which is also 5%. I kinda like the idea of getting a 10% off, especially since they all seem to know where that button is. :D


Yo Quiero Taco Bell

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When I took my lunch break at work today I decided to go to Taco Bell. Not a huge decision, but it’s important I go someplace which can actually serve up food fast, not just serve fast food. Unfortunately it’s been torn down. Not just closed, not “remodeling”, not “sorry we’re out of tomatoes again”, but physically destroyed. Completely torn to the ground. Apparently this was done just last week, as a sign on the fence surrounding the wreckage stated it will be “closed for remodeling” until December. Well, no it won’t. It’s fucking gone! You can close a restaurant, and you can remodel a restaurant, but you can’t close or remodel a pile a rubble. You just can’t.

I wonder if this means when they rebuild it they’ll have all those ugly kid drawings of Taco Bell crap on the walls…


Alien Elves and Burger Joints

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After creating a WordPress theme for DeAnna for her Sims 2 legacy story website, I have found myself once again playing Sims 2 myself. I had forgotten just how addictive that game is! Inspired by DeAnna, I’ve started my own legacy family. I named my founder Kemian Starsong, and he’s an elf. Kinda. You can’t really have elves as something non-human, so he’s really a normal sim (human) with pointy ears. As far as I’m concerned, that’s an elf.

Since I can’t play boring sims (not that elves are boring), I’ve decided I wanted to spice up my legacy a little. There are handicaps that make it more challenging, but I want it to remain fun, not just challenging. So instead of a handicap, I’ve opted to pursue a legacy of mutant alien/elf hybrids! One of the fun bits in the game is there is a tiny chance of being abducted by aliens when stargazing through a telescope, and if this happens to a male sim, he comes back pregnant. Although this is just a tiny change, one of the new expansions allows sims to choose certain benefits as awards throughout the game, and one of these benefits, available to Knowledge sims, is the ability to summon aliens. This all but guarantees aliens will arrive and abduct my sim. So far so good. I’ll have to sit and wait for the next generation to see how well this works. Hopefully I can keep it up for the entire legacy.

In other news, I’ve been making a place called Culver’s may usual lunch spot before work and they’ve noticed. Today they gave me and my coworker, John, preferred customer cards which entitle us to a 5% discount. And this isn’t some weird coupon we come back and use once; it’s permanent. We get 5% off FOREVER! I’m really liking Culver’s now. Well, really liking them even more anyway.

And damn, now I’m hungry.

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