Life After Christmas

Posted December 26th, 2006 (12:58 pm) || Comments Off

Christmas was good, but busy. On the upside, DeAnna and I had the good fortune to be the hub of visitors. That saved us from driving all over town, but did keep us busy for the entire day. The morning was good. For once it was really easy to wake Jacob up, though he was sound asleep ’till we did so. I don’t know how that kid can sleep on Christmas morning. I’m over 30 and I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. Jacob got a good haul this year though, so it was good he got up for it. A stereo from Grandma, a Robosapien from Santa, and Transformer Jedi Starfighters from DeAnna and I were the big gifts. Then of course the games, candies and small toys. He also got a new bed, nightstand and dresser, but they wouldn’t fit under the tree and we’re not setting them up ’till we move anyway.

DeAnna and I did good as well. I got two wonderful shirts from my Secret Santa from the Hero Boards (thanks Satinkitty!), lots of chocolate, a Go set and book. DeAnna got her own Heroscape set, so now we have his and hers fantasy miniatures ( :-D ), a scarf like thing in her teal and violet colors and lots of chocolate. Our gifts to each other were great this year. Unlike previous years where we each got the other the same thing, this year we managed to that that yet have different gifts. We each got the other what they wanted most but couldn’t fine. I found DeAnna a pair of heart shaped garnet earrings like she wore when we met, and she got me, well made me, a snow globe with a guitar and rose in it (like on the cover of one of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s albums). It’s cool.

I think we did good giving gifts as well, though I wish we could have done more. Jacob of course got most of the attention, but he’s my son and that’s his birthright.

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Edge City

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I’m running a biweekly Champions game, and I’m often unsure if I’m doing a good job,  if I’m actually entertaining my players. I think I am though. As two of them have pointed out, they have work early the next morning, but are staying up for my game. The current game is complicated though. Ninjas with a deathwish and a grudge, empaths with something to prove, immortals trying too hard to buy their way into heaven, and demons running all over the place causing a general nuisance. I do have some things planned…  I just hope I’m able to pull it off. Wish me luck.

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