Walking on Broken Glass

Posted October 6th, 2010 (1:07 pm) || 2 Comments

So yesterday we had some “scattered thunderstorms” around the valley. By “thunderstorms” I mean there were a few storms, and they were accompanied by some thunder. By “scattered” I mean everything that wasn’t nailed down was scattered about randomly by wind and hail.

The sky fell yesterday. No really, I have pictures: http://twitpic.com/2uzm1h. Well, one picture. Whatever really happened yesterday, it smacked neighborhoods throughout the Phoenix area as if God was playing Whack-a-Mole. The first storm to hit my apartment slammed down around noon and tossed hail stones around 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter. The property lost seven trees, including the tall one near the street which fortunately didn’t hit anything but the sidewalk. The power was out for around 30 minutes, which really added to the ambiance of a furious storm.

I found out after the storm the sort of damage it caused around the immediate neighborhood. Trees went to a stroll in the streets, a few street signs decided to take flight and see the world, and the sign to the Jack-in-the-Box on the corner went for a Jumbo Jack by using the drive thru. I suppose the strangest thing was the news reporter from channel 3 was outside reporting in it without so much as an umbrella. On reflection though, I’ll simply assume he had an umbrella, but immediately before filming it hooked up with a road sign and flew to Vegas.

The next storm wasn’t until around 5 pm. This time there wasn’t much to knock down, so instead stuff just kinda rolled around on the ground and got battered falling ice. Instead of the power going out, the cable and internet did, although part of it came back on after the storm ended. The rest of it came back this morning.

Our local Bookman’s called it a “snow day.”

The worst of it, from my point of view at least, didn’t even happen at home. A storm so horrendous I can only imagine that the experience would be reminiscent of one of the plagues of Egypt struck Scottsdale shortly after 3 pm. By the oddest coincidence of this was when she was scheduled to be there, DeAnna was on her way to work. Now there are dozens of tiny little dents in my car, many spidery cracks throughout my windshield, and the sunroof is nothing but tiny bits of tinted glass scattered over several miles of Cactus Road.

I spent this morning cleaning up, making sure the car was drivable (duct tape fixes everything!) and keeping in touch with the utility and insurance companies to make sure what I can’t fix myself still gets fixed.

I’m not sure about today’s forecast, but last I looked we’re supposed to have “isolated thunderstorms.” I’m expecting giant cages to fall from the sky to keep us from visiting other neighborhoods.

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I Like To Move It

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Well… maybe not the move it, but the having it moved is nice. But I’m lazy like that.

On May 1st my family will be moving to a different apartment complex a bit up the street. There is a bug infestation in our current complex that is bad enough the pest control people have recommend some of us move out to allow them to properly treat the building, and we’re one of the “us” involved. Fortunately the manager is allowing us to break our lease so no bad will come of it, other than the unexpected move and a feeling most similar to being kicked out. But oh well.

Even better news though, we found a place rather quickly, and nearby, which has three bedrooms and plenty of space, is on the 1st floor and is easily accessible by wheelchair. While the complex and grounds are a bit… let’s say weathered, the amenities we get from living there are much greater than our current place. For one, we’ll have ceiling fans in all the rooms again. For another, the laundry facilities are deliberately open 24 hours (I say deliberately because our current place is supposed to lock the door at 10pm, but randomly forgets). Parking looks like it’ll be a little better, in that all traffic coming in and out of a complex designed with four exits isn’t choked through one (the new place is actually about a third the size of our complex, and has two, maybe 3, exits onto the street).

The floor place works for us as well. It’s about the same total size as where we are now, but the room is arrange much more simply. This will allow Mom to get her wheelchair into the apartment without the need to move furniture our of her way, but still have furniture. She still can’t get the chair down the hallway, but that’s such a short walk it doesn’t really matter.

The kitchen is huge with lots of storage and counter space. We might actually have enough room to put away everything thing we own and should have some space left over. And we have actual drawers! Real drawers to put things like silverware in. The kitchen is even large enough, and arranged properly, that if someone is cooking at the stove, someone else can come in and open the fridge and no one gets in the other’s way.

Anyway, I should go back to boxing stuff up, or given the time, possibly go to work. Yay, work…



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My car was repossessed on Saturday.

Turns out I was further behind than I thought. Also turns out that when you try to work things out with my finance company, they don’t do what they say they are going to do.

I’ve been out of work for most of the past year. The charity of friends and family and the few short lived jobs I’ve managed to get have help us squeak by, especially since DeAnna lost her job at the school last year. Good fortune befell us when DeAnna got a new, full time job that will easily cover the bills. Well, to make sure the car would not vanish, I made a deal with the finance company to defer a few months of payments until she started receiving paychecks. They told me this would be done, and I would make a payment the beginning of February. All seemed good.

Then my car vanished.

Upon calling the finance company, they never did do the deferment, which put me three months behind on payments even though I’ve been giving them money. Now I need to come up with the full three months back due, plus a huge “repossession fee” which it turns out does not include any “storage fees” for hiding my car from me.

Fortunately, family is the most wonderful thing in the world to have. Although we now have a lot more debt to pay back, we’re getting the car back today.

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Of Home & School

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So our lease is up at the end of the month and we really want to move. We found a wonderful apartment in our area and found out there is one available right when we’d need it. Yeah! So we applied, hoping that I made enough money all by myself to afford it, and guess what? I do! Yeah! I make enough money to afford a 3 bedroom quasi-luxury apartment all by myself!!! However, I apparently have not held my job long enough, so we got denied anyway. Boo!!!

And so we’re staying put for the time being. Which sucks. I hate the complex we’re living in now. The apartment itself is nice and very
spacious, but the wall leaks when it rains, the ceiling leaks when the neighbor upstairs overflows his tub, and we can’t seem to keep the same manager or management company for longer than 3-4 months each. Stuff keeps getting stolen off our porch. Our neighbors or loud. But hey, it’s cheap and we don’t have to pack anything!

Because we aren’t moving, we have all this extra money we don’t need for deposits and stuff. We’ve decided it’s time to refurnish our current place a little.

A new shelf for our DVDs, a new desk to put in the living room for the family computer to get it out of Jacob’s room, and a new bed and
dresser for Jacob to help him organize his room. So far all we need to pick up is the bed. We were gonna pick that up yesterday, but it’s
kinda hard to carry it home in a small car in the rain. By the time we finally got a way to get it, we realized it cost a bit more than what
we had left. That’s okay though; I get paid on Wednesday so we can pick it up then.

Jacob’s room will be kick-ass by next week though, at least for a 10 year old’s room. Sure, we’re taking the computer out of there, but we’re putting in the PS2 and we’ll be setting up the stereo he got for Christmas. Not bad for a kid barely in his double digits. Hopefully his behavior will straighten out so we’ll give him the controllers to the PS2 as well as the console ;-) .

And school is off to a start. Not a great start,  not a bad start. Just a start. After the Photoshop class was canceled, the English and
Psychology classes were okay. I’m probably gonna hate English, but I think I’ll pass it. Psychology looks fun, and relatively easy. It’s a
three hour class once a week, on a Saturday, and I think I can handle that.

I hope I can handle that.

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