Holy Crap It’s Monday!

Posted October 16th, 2006 (4:53 am) || Comments Off

Well, Hexacon is over. It was definitely fun, but I couldn’t say it was a blast. Saturday night was great though. The RPGA had a massive interactive event going on, with 9 tables or so all playing in the same adventure. Each group was doing their own thing, but we were able to communicate sometimes, trade information and equipment and such. It was fun. The best part was the vat of ale. The first trap my group encountered was a 20 foot deep vat of ale, complete with ale elementals, or ale-ementals as we started calling them. Since my character was cleric of the party god and found enlightenment through inebriation, he jumped right in! Later he managed to explode a zombie or something like a zombie, and that was awesome as well. Then I got nearly killed, but that doesn’t matter. I had lots of fun before that happened.

Sunday was more or less a bust for me. Nothing to do but checkout, drive our luggage home and come back and wait for DeAnna. DeAnna played in the Diagon Ally Live game, and apparently a great time. That’s good, so Sunday wasn’t completely wasted.

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