Five Seven Five

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I’ve never been that into poetry of any kind, but haiku was somewhat of a fad for some time, and every once in awhile seems to regain some popularity before fading back into obscurity. The last time this happened was while I worked for a market research company, conducting surveys with random people by telephone. At the place I worked, I was not permitted to take a book, a gameboy (it was that long ago) or anything else useful to keep myself entertained while waiting for a call to go through, which could take a half hour or more. Fortunately they did allow us a pencil and paper (to take notes in case we had to take a question to a supervisor, even though this never happened). So I would write. For awhile I would write haiku.

While packing for a move, I came across some what I had written. Here are some of the best (or worst):

I write haiku
This one is very simple
Haiku is easy

Sitting at my booth
Calling people randomly
Hope they don’t hang up

I can’t go to sleep
I must stay awake or else
The clowns will eat me

I’m very hungry
I want to go on break
Got to eat some food

Half full, half empty
It doesn’t really matter
At least some is there

Haiku mania!
Writing down my crazy thoughts
In five seven five



Roses are #FF0000

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Okay, so this was seen on a Sims 2 site, but it’s still funny:

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All my base
Are belong to you

Anyways, only 2 more days until Hexacon!!!
Now if I could just find some luggage…

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