Walking on Broken Glass

Posted October 6th, 2010 (1:07 pm) || 2 Comments

So yesterday we had some “scattered thunderstorms” around the valley. By “thunderstorms” I mean there were a few storms, and they were accompanied by some thunder. By “scattered” I mean everything that wasn’t nailed down was scattered about randomly by wind and hail.

The sky fell yesterday. No really, I have pictures: http://twitpic.com/2uzm1h. Well, one picture. Whatever really happened yesterday, it smacked neighborhoods throughout the Phoenix area as if God was playing Whack-a-Mole. The first storm to hit my apartment slammed down around noon and tossed hail stones around 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter. The property lost seven trees, including the tall one near the street which fortunately didn’t hit anything but the sidewalk. The power was out for around 30 minutes, which really added to the ambiance of a furious storm.

I found out after the storm the sort of damage it caused around the immediate neighborhood. Trees went to a stroll in the streets, a few street signs decided to take flight and see the world, and the sign to the Jack-in-the-Box on the corner went for a Jumbo Jack by using the drive thru. I suppose the strangest thing was the news reporter from channel 3 was outside reporting in it without so much as an umbrella. On reflection though, I’ll simply assume he had an umbrella, but immediately before filming it hooked up with a road sign and flew to Vegas.

The next storm wasn’t until around 5 pm. This time there wasn’t much to knock down, so instead stuff just kinda rolled around on the ground and got battered falling ice. Instead of the power going out, the cable and internet did, although part of it came back on after the storm ended. The rest of it came back this morning.

Our local Bookman’s called it a “snow day.”

The worst of it, from my point of view at least, didn’t even happen at home. A storm so horrendous I can only imagine that the experience would be reminiscent of one of the plagues of Egypt struck Scottsdale shortly after 3 pm. By the oddest coincidence of this was when she was scheduled to be there, DeAnna was on her way to work. Now there are dozens of tiny little dents in my car, many spidery cracks throughout my windshield, and the sunroof is nothing but tiny bits of tinted glass scattered over several miles of Cactus Road.

I spent this morning cleaning up, making sure the car was drivable (duct tape fixes everything!) and keeping in touch with the utility and insurance companies to make sure what I can’t fix myself still gets fixed.

I’m not sure about today’s forecast, but last I looked we’re supposed to have “isolated thunderstorms.” I’m expecting giant cages to fall from the sky to keep us from visiting other neighborhoods.

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Rainy Day

Posted December 17th, 2006 (7:14 am) || Comments Off

It rained on my way to work today. I love the rain. It’s a shame I have to be stuck inside taking calls on such a nice day. Then again, by the time the sun comes up, it might not be raining any more.

Anyway, my new blog is up and running. I just need to get a page updated. I’m thinking I’m going to replace the static page about me into my dustraven.net website. Makes sense. Why add another page into the blog when I have an entire website? I’ve already replaced Trystan Laryssa’s page with a link to her own blog. Maybe when I figure out how to syndicate I’ll include her entries here as well.

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