This is going to take some work…

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Well, I asked my teacher about the testing out of the class. She directed me to the department head, which wasn’t there that late in the day. But at least there’s a possibility.

In class we learned a little bit about the Dreamweaver interface and how create and save an html document, and how to create a table and a list. I checked the syllabus and it looks like were gonna be covering things like CSS in the last two weeks, all stuff I already know. As a matter of fact, the final exam is to create a three page website that includes a homepage and a contact form and uses tables and lists and uses CSS for some of the formatting. Well… um… what have I already been doing this past year? I have so gotta test out of this class…

In other news, my sister is getting married today. Congratulations Sis!

There are some complications of course. For one, she’s marrying a woman. While this is no big deal to me, at least no bigger a deal than marriage in the first place, it’s apparently a big deal to others. Such as my ex wife. She’s not letting our son to attend the wedding. It seems despite her own obvious open mindedness in the past, something has happened to her to completely close her mind now. I don’t think I can blame her current boyfriend, he seems too open minded himself to have caused this. I think it’s just that I’m her ex husband and she thinks she has to oppose anything I want, even if it contradicts herself. I really don’t know. I’m getting tired of it. Actually, that’s not true. I have already gotten tired of it. Suffice it to say Christine has drawn the line, and I’ll be stepping up to it.

The actual ceremony is to happen shortly though. It’s a very informal thing. I’m not even sure if anything is planned or not. I do know that it’s suppose to start at 2 and there’s some kind of reception afterward, but Mom and I have to bring my own diet soda because whoever they got to cater isn’t bringing any. Nevermind that Mom is diabetic… In any case, we’re off to the wedding!

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I Have Class

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Well, while it might still be a matter of opinion, I do have class. Hopefully this time, my class won’t be cancelled. Tonight, I begin learning how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver. I’m thinking of showing up for class and directing my teacher to,,, etc. and asking if I get and A and going home. For some reason I imagine she’ll want me to “work” for my grade. I’ll probably then mention that I worked really hard on those sites and then it’ll all spiral down into me being a pompous know-it-all jerk and her being a stick-up-her ass overbearing bitch and even though I’ve got this program licked I’ll scrap by with a C.

Either that or I’ll just show up and whatever. You’ll find out after class.

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Of Home & School

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So our lease is up at the end of the month and we really want to move. We found a wonderful apartment in our area and found out there is one available right when we’d need it. Yeah! So we applied, hoping that I made enough money all by myself to afford it, and guess what? I do! Yeah! I make enough money to afford a 3 bedroom quasi-luxury apartment all by myself!!! However, I apparently have not held my job long enough, so we got denied anyway. Boo!!!

And so we’re staying put for the time being. Which sucks. I hate the complex we’re living in now. The apartment itself is nice and very
spacious, but the wall leaks when it rains, the ceiling leaks when the neighbor upstairs overflows his tub, and we can’t seem to keep the same manager or management company for longer than 3-4 months each. Stuff keeps getting stolen off our porch. Our neighbors or loud. But hey, it’s cheap and we don’t have to pack anything!

Because we aren’t moving, we have all this extra money we don’t need for deposits and stuff. We’ve decided it’s time to refurnish our current place a little.

A new shelf for our DVDs, a new desk to put in the living room for the family computer to get it out of Jacob’s room, and a new bed and
dresser for Jacob to help him organize his room. So far all we need to pick up is the bed. We were gonna pick that up yesterday, but it’s
kinda hard to carry it home in a small car in the rain. By the time we finally got a way to get it, we realized it cost a bit more than what
we had left. That’s okay though; I get paid on Wednesday so we can pick it up then.

Jacob’s room will be kick-ass by next week though, at least for a 10 year old’s room. Sure, we’re taking the computer out of there, but we’re putting in the PS2 and we’ll be setting up the stereo he got for Christmas. Not bad for a kid barely in his double digits. Hopefully his behavior will straighten out so we’ll give him the controllers to the PS2 as well as the console ;-) .

And school is off to a start. Not a great start,  not a bad start. Just a start. After the Photoshop class was canceled, the English and
Psychology classes were okay. I’m probably gonna hate English, but I think I’ll pass it. Psychology looks fun, and relatively easy. It’s a
three hour class once a week, on a Saturday, and I think I can handle that.

I hope I can handle that.

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I Ain’t Got No Class

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After a long wait with much anticipation I went to my Photoshop class last night… and it wasn’t there. Apparently only three people, including myself, enrolled in the class and it was canceled. This sucks. This sucks a lot. I was really looking forward to this class. Now I’ve got to do the run around between Academic Advisement and Financial Aid to figure out what I should do. I already know there are no other Photoshop classes that will fit this time slot or any time that won’t interfere with my other classes or work. Maybe I can find some other class entirely I can take on Tuesday nights. Dunno. I’ll just have to find out on Friday when I can do the run around.


This “Good” Thing Is Freaking Me Out

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Well okay. So I love my job. Really. It’s great. For the first time in my life I’m working a job that I enjoy doing, I’m good at, and I’m genuinely appreciated for the work I do by my employer and customers. It’s amazing. I’m even rewarded for a job well done with incentives and prizes. I love it!

In fact, I love it so much I’m changing my major in school. I don’t know what I’m changing it to yet, but I know I’m changing it away from education. I still would like to be a teacher, but I can see myself getting burned out on that really quick and then have no place else to go. Here, I can continue to improve and move to other departments in the company, learning what I need as I go. On top of that, should I decide to leave the company, I’ll have the skills necessary to get a similar job elsewhere, or even go into business myself.

The classes I’m taking next semester are centered around web/graphic design. Dreamweaver and Photoshop. All this time I’ve been using Frontpage and Paintshop Pro. Silly me. Well, FP and PSP do work and work quite nicely, but apparently the professionals use these others. I’m excited to be taking these classes.

Of course, I’m also being forced to take English 102 and Psychology 101, but life wouldn’t be life if didn’t suck once in a while.

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