A Skewed Perspective

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Okay, so about that dressing up bit… Not going well. Last week ended with me feeling a lot better then throwing my back out. This week ends with my back still hurting and the little handicapped thingy I have for the car falling apart. They really don’t make those with Phoenix weather in mind… Anyway, I still feel like crap.

Also, finances aren’t so good. Those are at least improving. Turns out that DeAnna will not soon be gainfully employed. At least not where I work. I’m not sure what happened but she didn’t make the cut. We’re still not sure if she can reapply, but we’re not waiting. She’s headed back into the field of education. This makes sense since she has a degree in that. Granted, she can’t teach classroom stuff, but there are lots of positions at a school and she can get a feel for the system and see if it’s really what she wants to finish college prepared to do.

Now yesterday I got a call of the electric company and they wanted to shut off the power. Something about me not paying the bill. This puts a bit of a damper on my mood, let alone my shopping plans. You see, I get my big paycheck next week. This week, I apparently get just enough to pay the past due on the electric bill. So no shopping yet… I really hope the stuff I want to buy people for Christmas is still there. If not, everybody is getting a bag of 250 tea-light candles from Wal-mart.

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At Least I Have My Health.

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Or do I?

Apparently I’ve been the victim of food poisoning recently. I’m not sure from where. Everything I’ve eaten recently was also shared with others, and no one else I know of has also gotten ill. Regardless, I went home from work yesterday shortly after arriving, and stayed home again today. After sleeping until nearly 3pm, I woke up feeling much better and so I took a shower, planning on getting dressed and heading out for some food. However, the bad luck faerie stuck again and my back went out while bending down to wash my feet. Yippee…

At least I’m not completely immobilized. I can still walk around and sit down and get up without much difficulty, but it hurts and a cane helps. I can’t put on my own shoes either, let alone tie them (but I just discovered I can at least get them off okay). Also I have the weekend off work so I don’t have to continue calling in sick and I at least know I can drive after making it to dinner after all.

In other news, I’ve decided to try something to improve my life. Basically I’m just going to dress like I’m more important that I really am. This means wearing pants that aren’t made of denim and wearing shirts with collars and buttons. This is how supervisors and team leads at work dress, and they are more or less important people. I’m drawing the line at wearing a tie though. When someone starts paying me a salary instead of an hourly wage, I’ll consider wearing a tie, and then only to work. I’m gonna keep the jeans and t-shirt wardrobe and wear it on the weekends and such, or maybe something to change into when I’m just lounging around at home after work. I’m hoping this will help to improve my self image and as a result, improve the image others have of me. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But at least I’ll know I look good.

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As The World Falls Down

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Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Two computers, a trip to the Renaissance Festival, a three day cold, Norton Anti-Computer, a two new websites and a revamped TLOT3 later, I think I have some spare time to post a blog entry. Things have been happening fast, so here’s hoping I don’t screw up the order of events too much. Everything’s been a blur for the past month.

As my avid readers may remember, our old computer up and died spontaneously in December, and we completely failed to get it back up and running. But we also bought a new computer. A nice computer. A computer with Norton: the computer hating, money sucking, hypocritical virus eating virus, “anti-computer” on it. Guess what Norton does. Every day it reminds me I’m using a trial version and wants me to renew/upgrade and all that. Well, I figure why not? I do so and guess what the recommended option is? Renew online. It’s fast, easy and secure. Says so. NOT. No, it takes hours just for each step to load, it requires complicated jumping from the program to the website and then you have to do a bunch of steps it only tells you about after you’ve skipped one, and the secure part if a joke. Only I’m not laughing. After the install was “complete” I found my operating system so corrupt the computer was forced to restart every time Norton loaded. Since Norton is a virus itself, the only way to fix the problem was a complete restore of the OS, which meant a nearly complete loss of all our info. Again. Best Buy was nice and fixed everything, for a cost. Now I’m out $300 on top of the cost of renewing Norton. I’m still waiting for my refund, and I dread calling them back. I wish they’d hire people who spoke English better.

In the middle of everything was the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We had planned on taking a hoard of cash for shopping out there, but alas, we had to fix the computer. We did manage to afford a new hat for DeAnna, which she loves. There’s a “magical mime” called Arsene out there that is great! I hate mimes, but this guy is really more of a silent magician, and he’s hilarious. He involves members of the audience, usually to their dismay. The first 5 minutes or so of his act involves him getting annoyed at the constant interruptions, typically all the people who show up late (even though he’s starting early just to be annoyed by them). I love it!

Also on the plus side, I made a huge leap forward on tlot3.net. After a crash course in Dreamweaver and CSS2, and a sudden inspiration of what to do graphically with the site, I have a working template. Some fine tuning still needs to be done. I’m thinking my navigation under the main header is too large. I worry about shrinking those images smaller though. I might just replace them with text, but I really like having images there. I’ll just have to keep tinkering. Check out the look at http://tlot3.net/.

I’ve also got a few new sites. Inspired by one of the Hero System Champions books, I’ve registered and am now hosting foxbattalion.com. Mwahahaha!!! Foxbat is one of the classic villains of the Champions game, remaining pretty much unchanged from his insane perfection in 1st edition.

I also quit smoking.

Well, that’s it for now, time to get back to work.

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Sickness Sucks

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Life is bad.

Well, at least I have a job. I got a flu shot a few weeks ago, yet for the past few days I’ve been nasty ill. All I can really say is that it wasn’t the flu. Lucky me. At least today I feel better. I did wake up late and apparently I slept on my arm wrong because it was numb. But otherwise I feel fine.

I still don’t have a spot of my own at work though. Since all the teams got shuffled around (and a bit before actually), the spot I usually sit in, and all the spots around it, have been taken over by another team. So I have no place to sit. I have to find someplace whose occupant called in sick, or otherwise didn’t arrive on time enough to claim it for themselves. I’m told that there are several people moving from my team to another, so I’ll have a choice of spots tomorrow, so I suppose I only have to suffer for a short time.

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