Alien Elven Babies

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At this point, just one baby. As I sluggishly continue along with my legacy family in the Sims 2, Kemian as recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is green. She has large, black almond shaped eyes. She does not, unfortunately, have pointed ears. Or maybe she does and that just doesn’t show on infants. I should at least know by the time she’s a toddler, I recall from memory it shows up then. Just in case though, Kemian should probably have another alien baby. He’s gonna need some help taking care of the kids though. It’s a lot of work being a baby factory and there’s only so much money you can make off a money tree. It shouldn’t be too hard to move in his college sweetheart. I don’t see her as being the mothering type (romance aspiration, rather than family), so maybe Kemian can convince her to work while he stays home with the kids.

They he can kick her out after they are all teenagers!

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Alien Elves and Burger Joints

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After creating a WordPress theme for DeAnna for her Sims 2 legacy story website, I have found myself once again playing Sims 2 myself. I had forgotten just how addictive that game is! Inspired by DeAnna, I’ve started my own legacy family. I named my founder Kemian Starsong, and he’s an elf. Kinda. You can’t really have elves as something non-human, so he’s really a normal sim (human) with pointy ears. As far as I’m concerned, that’s an elf.

Since I can’t play boring sims (not that elves are boring), I’ve decided I wanted to spice up my legacy a little. There are handicaps that make it more challenging, but I want it to remain fun, not just challenging. So instead of a handicap, I’ve opted to pursue a legacy of mutant alien/elf hybrids! One of the fun bits in the game is there is a tiny chance of being abducted by aliens when stargazing through a telescope, and if this happens to a male sim, he comes back pregnant. Although this is just a tiny change, one of the new expansions allows sims to choose certain benefits as awards throughout the game, and one of these benefits, available to Knowledge sims, is the ability to summon aliens. This all but guarantees aliens will arrive and abduct my sim. So far so good. I’ll have to sit and wait for the next generation to see how well this works. Hopefully I can keep it up for the entire legacy.

In other news, I’ve been making a place called Culver’s may usual lunch spot before work and they’ve noticed. Today they gave me and my coworker, John, preferred customer cards which entitle us to a 5% discount. And this isn’t some weird coupon we come back and use once; it’s permanent. We get 5% off FOREVER! I’m really liking Culver’s now. Well, really liking them even more anyway.

And damn, now I’m hungry.

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