My Phone Is Gay

Posted June 25th, 2011 (7:09 am) || 2 Comments

Welp… it’s been a more or less fucked up month.

My cousin, Mark, moved up from Yuma. We’re giving him a play to crash while he looks for work and then saves up enough cash to get his own place. I haven’t seen Mark in… maybe 10ish years. Maybe more like 15. My only solid memories of him are from our grandparents house at Christmas, which was nearly 20 years ago. Funny thing is it turns out that’s his most solid memory of me too. I’m sure having the whole week on film (and recently put on a DVD) has nothing to do with it. Upon getting to know him, I’ve found Mark to be a great guy… meaning he’s an introverted gamer like the rest of us. He’s also motivated and hard working, or at least I get that impression as he got a job within a week of moving in and has already secured his own transportation to and from work.

After Mark had time to settle in (more or less), in came the visiting relatives. Aunt Jill (Marks’ mother) and my godmother, Sherry, came to visit for a few days. Well, Sherry for a few days, with Jill coming up for a few hours. I never really got to know Sherry. She’s my godmother, which in my family means Mom really liked her around the time I was born. Seems she really likes her now too, and the two had a blast playing Scrabble and other games old people play and I’m no good at.

Father’s Day came and went, though Jacob had to be reminded it was here. He’s me son and I love him, but I have to wonder sometimes.

The car’s front brakes went out, but fortunately a friend of ours was kind enough to assist in fixing them (thanks Shane!). Unfortunately when the back brakes went out a week later, we would find our friend missing some necessary tools. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do on such short notice, but hopefully they’ll last long enough to figure out how much it will cost to get them professionally done.

I washed DeAnna’s phone with the laundry. Turns out cell phones don’t take well to water… Who knew? The good news was that one of our phones was due for one of those free upgrades T-Mobile offers its customers periodically. The bad news was T-Mobile changed it’s policy a few months ago and there is no such offer anymore. The best they could due was sell us their cheapest phone for around $60. That sent us into a spin of frustrating, leading to checking out the options for changing carriers, which also lead to us finding out T-Mobile wanted to charge us up to $200 per line to break our contract. That wasn’t going to happen, so we started to look for used phones on Craigslist and eBay. As it turns out, the friend of ours that can fix front brakes had some trouble with his old phone (from T-Mobile) and was happy enough to pass it along to us. Now we’re back to three working phones, with one of them being a smartphone!

Oh yeah, and NY passed it’s Okay to be Gay thing. I’m pretty sure it’s not called that, but apparently it’s now not illegal for a dude to marry a dude there. According to the fine print it also looks like it might not be legal yet either, but it’s a step in the right (or left) direction. In either case, I’m putting up a happy rainbow desktop image on my new phone to celebrate gayness. I suppose I should find an Adam Lambert ring tone or something too…

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My Brand New Old Computer

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I just found out I can easily fix my existing desktop computer by resetting it back to its factory settings. Well, not exactly to factory settings. What I’ll be doing is completely wiping the drives and reinstalling the OS plus critical updates. It’ll be like having a brand new computer, only without all that add-on software manufacturers have pre-installed for you.

And when I say I’ll be doing this, I mean I’ll be driving my computer up to Fry’s Electronics so they can do it. I’m pretty good with computers, and I consider myself tech savvy, but I don’t happen to have the install discs for Windows XP. HP computers just don’t come with them, which sucks. The good news is that Fry’s will do this fairly cheap (~$100). At least compared to buying a new computer.

The trick is that it can take them 8-10 days to complete. Which is to say they’ll do it in about 8-10 days, right after they get done fixing all the other problems people have recently brought to them. I hate being without my computer for that long, but hell I’m pretty much without it now… so I might as well not put it off. I’ll at least have my laptop to keep me company… and since it’s been upgraded I might even be able to run all my games on it.


A is for Amazon

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The Alphabet of the Internet… or rather Google… for your amusement:

A is for Amazon
B is for Bank of America
C is for Craigslist
D is for Dictionary
E is for eBay
F is for Facebook
G is for Gmail
H is for Hotmail
I is for iTunes
J is for Justin Bieber
K is for Kohls
L is for Lowes
M is for Myspace
N is for Netflix
O is for Overstock
P is for Pandora
Q is for Quotes
R is for Realtor
S is for Southwest Airlines
T is for Target
U is for US Airways
V is for Verizon Wireless
W is for Walmart
X is for XM Radio
Y is for Youtube
Z is for Zillow

Each of these are the first auto-complete results for typing in a single letter on Google. T kinda threw me, as until I looked today, it was Twitter. I also found it interesting that Justin Bieber beat out, as not only is the Canadian pop singer not a website/business, but he’s not likely to help anyone get a job. In our time of economic decline and abundance of unemployment, people still think entertainment is more important than finding a job to pay for said entertainment.

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I Love My Computer – I Hate My Computer

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I love my computer. It does marvelous things for me. It connects me with my friends (and even coworkers when I have a job). It provides an outlet for my creativity in art and web design. It plays games with me and allows me to play games with others. It takes me to Wikipedia and Google and a hoard of web comics I read. It even gives me a near endless stream of porn for when I’m lonely. I love my computer.


A few weeks ago DeAnna’s computer broke. Looks like the hard drive failed, so the OS can’t boot up and all of the data stored there is possibly lost forever. That’s okay though, for the most part. Nothing critical. Some of DeAnna’s earlier writing was stored there, but we still have backups on disc (those 3.5 “floppy” kind). Also DeAnna as near to completing her Sims 2 Legacy Challenge, and all the saved game data is lost so she’ll have to start over if she wants to really finish it by the book.

So we picked her up a new computer. We were planning on replacing a few things we lost during the move, but having more than 1 good computer in the home was a priority. And since all that broke on the old computer was the hard drive, why not salvage the rest of it? My first plan was to take the hard drive out of my mother’s “not good” computer and put it in DeAnna’s. Nice idea, but it turns out the working hard drive won’t fit, as the connectors are not compatible. Oh well, no additional loss, maybe I could just put the 2GB of memory into Mon’s computer… Or not, as Mom’s computer is so “not good” that is incompatible as well. Sigh.

But wait! I still have a good computer with the good kind of memory and two open slots to hold exactly 2GB of DDR2 memory! I could just upgrade my computer instead! Or not. Turns out my computer is already so full of good stuff I can’t even reach the memory slots without dissembling the entire thing. I consider myself to be very mechanically inclined and very technically capable. But I don’t trust myself to take apart something that has wires with connectors not connected to anything and then put it back together correctly when I’m done. Maybe I can find a professional to do it. And hopefully he’ll be able to do it for cheaper than it’d cost just to by more memory.

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On Twitter

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Well, I’m on Twitter now.

It was inevitable I suppose.  On the upside, I can honestly say I’m among the first of my friends to be there, rather than just following the crowd to the next social networking site. Usually that’d be the only reason for being at such a place. This time I find it’s actually a fun resource, and being a member makes it that much easier to follow other people I know (mostly artists and a few websites I like, at least for now). Naturally I updated the blog to include a feed of my tweets, and I also installed a plugin to tweet when I post something new to the blog.

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