As The World Falls Down

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Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Two computers, a trip to the Renaissance Festival, a three day cold, Norton Anti-Computer, a two new websites and a revamped TLOT3 later, I think I have some spare time to post a blog entry. Things have been happening fast, so here’s hoping I don’t screw up the order of events too much. Everything’s been a blur for the past month.

As my avid readers may remember, our old computer up and died spontaneously in December, and we completely failed to get it back up and running. But we also bought a new computer. A nice computer. A computer with Norton: the computer hating, money sucking, hypocritical virus eating virus, “anti-computer” on it. Guess what Norton does. Every day it reminds me I’m using a trial version and wants me to renew/upgrade and all that. Well, I figure why not? I do so and guess what the recommended option is? Renew online. It’s fast, easy and secure. Says so. NOT. No, it takes hours just for each step to load, it requires complicated jumping from the program to the website and then you have to do a bunch of steps it only tells you about after you’ve skipped one, and the secure part if a joke. Only I’m not laughing. After the install was “complete” I found my operating system so corrupt the computer was forced to restart every time Norton loaded. Since Norton is a virus itself, the only way to fix the problem was a complete restore of the OS, which meant a nearly complete loss of all our info. Again. Best Buy was nice and fixed everything, for a cost. Now I’m out $300 on top of the cost of renewing Norton. I’m still waiting for my refund, and I dread calling them back. I wish they’d hire people who spoke English better.

In the middle of everything was the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We had planned on taking a hoard of cash for shopping out there, but alas, we had to fix the computer. We did manage to afford a new hat for DeAnna, which she loves. There’s a “magical mime” called Arsene out there that is great! I hate mimes, but this guy is really more of a silent magician, and he’s hilarious. He involves members of the audience, usually to their dismay. The first 5 minutes or so of his act involves him getting annoyed at the constant interruptions, typically all the people who show up late (even though he’s starting early just to be annoyed by them). I love it!

Also on the plus side, I made a huge leap forward on After a crash course in Dreamweaver and CSS2, and a sudden inspiration of what to do graphically with the site, I have a working template. Some fine tuning still needs to be done. I’m thinking my navigation under the main header is too large. I worry about shrinking those images smaller though. I might just replace them with text, but I really like having images there. I’ll just have to keep tinkering. Check out the look at

I’ve also got a few new sites. Inspired by one of the Hero System Champions books, I’ve registered and am now hosting Mwahahaha!!! Foxbat is one of the classic villains of the Champions game, remaining pretty much unchanged from his insane perfection in 1st edition.

I also quit smoking.

Well, that’s it for now, time to get back to work.

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Expensive Paperweight

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Well, after trying to restore/recover the operating system of my old computer, it erased all of our files and only installed half the OS, so we’ve got a really expensive paperweight. Those “non-destructive” restores are very destructive it seems. So everything is lost. All gone. The majority of my writing, my stories, my artwork. The stuff that’s most important to me was saved only because I had moved it to my laptop already. The rest is gone forever.

To make things worse, the restore didn’t work at all, and neither did the full restore. There’s no OS on the computer anymore. Nothing at all. The restore disk I have is apparently crap. I think a friend of mine has an actual XP disk, and hopefully that’ll get the OS back and give us back the computer.


A New Day… A New Computer

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Financial Aid has finally arrived! I can buy the new supercomputer and monitor!

And I have. Damn this thing is nice… It has everything. IntelĀ® Core(TM)2 Duo Desktop processor, 400 GB hard drive, 2 GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM, XP Media, TV turner, and a HUGE monitor (22″ widescreen). I love this thing! Of course, there were some stalls and stumbles getting the damn thing. For starters, when I went to pick it up on Thursday night, I found out my bank card has a per day spending limit that wasn’t even close to the price tag. After going back the next day with my check book, I got everything home to find out the vga cable wasn’t in the box with the monitor. So after yet another trip to the store, I got my cable, got it home and got everything hooked up.

And then we couldn’t port the files over from the old computer. Apparently the op sys is dead, or at least mortally wounded. Can’t boot up the old computer and keep it running long enough to move the files through the network; can’t hook up the drive to the new computer because it’s too old; can’t slap a usb kit on the drive and hook it up because there’s an op sys problem… But I can reformat the damn drive and erase everything just fine! I’m gonna try getting a boot disk and seeing if I can get the computer up long enough to burn everything to DVD and move it over that way. If that doesn’t work, I got a friend with a computer of the same model I might be able to install the drive as a slave and copy things that way. I can hope.

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My Life Is Good This Week

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Attention ladies and gentlemen!

My life is good. I don’t say this very often. Usually I’m griping and bitching and complaining and often using a number of colorful words to describe my life. Today however, I’m using the word “good.”

Ever since I got my first cell phone way back when they were huge and bulky and couldn’t fit in your pocket, ever since I found out you could have music as a ring tone, I have wanted one particular song for my phone. Unfortunately, it is a song that no one will make available for download or purchase as a ring tone. Ever. Anywhere. It’s kind of an obscure song really. In high school I discovered a new age group named Cusco. On their album Mystic Island was a song called Lonely Rose. Since I first heard this song, it’s been somewhat of a theme song for me. A symbol of myself. I won’t go into the reasons for this, but at the very least I wanted my phone to play this song when people called me.

Well, Friday I finally got myself a cell phone I could upload mp3s to. Yeah, I could upload by song and it plays. But for some reason, I can’t select the song as my ring tone. Turns out my phone, though it can play mp3s and can use mp3 ring tones, can’t actually have an mp3 as a ring tone. The mp3 has to be converted into some other file type first.

Fortunately, Nokia has this spiffy FREE software that will do this, and have it work specifically with my phone. Since I already had a microSD card for storing music on the phone, it was easy enough to convert this song to a ring tone, load it on the card and put it in the phone. YEAH!!! And now I finally have my song as a ring tone. I am happy. Life is good.

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