Storm Palace Theme

Posted January 22nd, 2010 (6:35 am) || Comments Off

I’ve finally gotten tired of looking at my blog’s theme. I really think it look great, but it wasn’t entirely mine. I had based the design off an existing theme by another author, and by “based the design” I mean “started with his code” and then modified it to my needs. Now I probably could have easily took the look of it and redesigned it all from scratch, but why bother if it’s just going to look the same in the end? So since I was going to all that bother anyway I decided to make it look a bit different.

The Storm Palace is a zone in City of Heroes and is part of the Shadow Shard. The Shadow Shard is the location I based the previous theme’s look on, but I think the Storm Palace better suits me and this site. My character in the game has a new outfit, so I went with that for his image at the top of the site.

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Updating Facebook Status

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It looks like this works! Yippee! My personal blog is useful again!

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New Theme!

Posted August 28th, 2008 (9:53 pm) || Comments Off

Well, at least the blog hasn’t moved…

The theme is almost done, but it’s done enough to go live. All I really have to do is update a few images.

With any luck I’ll start making time to post here more often. I have absolutely no idea if anyone is reading any of this, but I have noticed my quality of life seems to improve the more I talk about it. Or at least, it seems to improve and that makes it more bearable. The original purpose of this blog was to be a place for me to bitch, complain, crack wise and otherwise vent. I think it’s time I resumed that practice.

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First Fake Post

Posted January 1st, 2006 (12:00 am) || Comments Off

This is not a real post. It’s completely fake. I actually wrote this in November in 2007. So maybe it’s a real post, but it’s traveled back in time to let you know that at one point, this blog was transplanted from one site to another site. During that process, I lost a lot of my original content. Only the fifteen most recent posts successfully moved over. Everything is gone forever. It’s all my fault really. Upon importing the content, I didn’t realize I only had some of it, promptly liked what little I saw and then deleted the old site. Oh well. On the up side, I’m assuming not much is missing. I probably got the fifteen most recent of maybe 30-40 total posts. With my luck, those posts were probably the best things I’d every written. However, with absolutely no one able to prove my otherwise, I’m going to say they all stank and the world was done a favor by their annihilation.

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