So Far So Good

Posted August 17th, 2008 (1:38 am) || Comments Off

Well, I’ve begun official work on a new theme for my blog. Instead of anything I’ve done previously, which have always incorporated the raven-over-the-moon logo and had a color scheme based on the one I used for The Land of Ten Thousand Thoughts, I’ve gone a completely different route. This time around I’m using my namesake character from City of Heroes, and images from the Shadow Shard, a zone in the same game.

And so far so good. I’ve only messed with the most obvious images in the theme, and they only need a little tweaking to get just right. After that I’ll be working on the rest of the style.

Wish me luck!

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I have recently discovered WordPress. Well, I discovered WordPress a long time ago but a long time ago Serendipity was just better. Now… well… WordPress looks better. It’s going to be much easier to modify to fit in with a full website or to just use it to update information on a full website. That, and there is an enormous amount of support and helpful information about it. So, in addition to using WordPress to manage some of my other websites, I’ll be migrating to a WordPress blog.

Wish me luck.

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Happy New Year!

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It’s 2008 and I now have a whole new year to promise myself I’ll do a bunch of stuff I can later blame other people for preventing me from actually getting done. Among these are completing the Champions section of TLOT3, completing my Ebonwind setting for Star Hero and publish content for the Rifts Hero section of TLOT3. I’m pretty sure I’ll actually get at least one of those things done.

Among other various frivolous goals of mine for the year include getting a hero to level 50 in City of Heroes. I don’t play the game obsessively, so this might take awhile. So far I’ve been playing for almost a year already and I’ve just gotten a character to level 30.

The easy goals I have will be accomplished rather quickly this year. One of which is to buy a second computer. Well, technically it will be a 3rd computer, but I’m not counting the POS we’ve got parked in the living room. That’s good for general web browsing (when it manages to connect) and for low end games that aren’t sound or graphics intensive. I’ll also be picking up Sony Vegas for DeAnna so she’ll be able to continue her excellent work on various machinima projects she has planned. While these purchases are kinda large, this is our year to receive a large tax refund, DeAnna will be gainfully employed soon and I’ve just worked two holidays at double time and a half pay.

So, here’s wishing everyone else a happy new year and I hope you all have better luck with your own resolutions than I’m likely to have with mine.

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NaNo Failure

Posted November 28th, 2007 (6:50 am) || Comments Off

Well, it seems that life happens. Why the hell did the creator of this thing pick November? Other than Thanksgiving, there’s school and tests, the start of the Christmas holiday, all kinds of activities are going on (this is when the fundraisers start for my son’s Choir)… this isn’t easy. If that was all, it might still be possible if not easy, but in my case there is more. Due to a lot of financial hardship this month I’ve really been spending a lot of time dealing with that. So, no NaNo for me this year. I got up to around 10,000 words by the middle of the month and by then everything else just seemed to have priority.

On the upside, during this time I discovered something about TLOT3. My hosting provider is now offering Google Webmaster Tools with my account and I figured I’d give it a shot. As a result, I discovered people are finding by searching for “hero system rifts” and I’m coming up rank four for that search. On a whim, I also searched “rifts hero” and found I’m rank two. So it looks like my site is working. Unfortunately, I haven’t published any of my Rifts material yet. So it looks like I’ve got some writing to do anyway…

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Welcome to Dust Raven

Posted November 20th, 2007 (10:17 pm) || 1 Comment

Well, I’ve done it again. The blog is moving.

I don’t know why I do this. It’s like I have some sick, demented internet version of wanderlust. My blog just can’t stay in the same place. No wonder no one reads it. It vanishes into the night, only to reappear on some other website… Well, I can’t help it. I’m obsessive compulsive and I must do it.

And at least this time I’m doing it right. I have this domain name,, which is just totally me. It’s my name… how much more me can I get? So I want to put up a me site but I’m never sure what to put there. I waffle around for a year as I build up a site to tear it down to put up something else. Then I have this blog, a wonderful place where I just type in what I’m doing in life, my thoughts, my feeling and whatever, but I can’t keep it in the same place. The domain keeps changing, or maybe it’s just part of some other site sometimes. Well, now I can just solve both problems with one (tentatively) final swoop.

I have successfully imported all of the entries of my previous blog at to here, so the only thing that has changed is the domain name. Well, so has the name of the blog obviously. And I put up a new slogan/subtitle/whatever the fuck that is… So I guess it’s not all the same. I suppose while I’m at it I should toss up some new graphics. I definitely need to redo the background image to a smoother fade, and I can probably use a new header as well. So anyway, enjoy the new/old blog. Hopefully I will too.

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